20+ VPS Providers Close Down

Probably because they lack the knowledge and experience that you have.

All you really need is common sense (AKA rare sense) to avoid scam hosts.

That’s all there is, really.

I was advised to forward this along:

ColoCrossing learned over the weekend that a former client notified his customers that he was shutting down their service today, Monday, December 9. ColoCrossing had provided dedicated servers which were used to host this client’s content, and the content of this client’s customers. To help customers impacted by this former client, ColoCrossing is keeping the servers active for the next ten days so impacted sites can move their data to other providers. We will provide more information as it is available.

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Nick, by the way, is one of the nicest people you’ll meet. I expect he’s treated accordingly :slight_smile:


Thanks @Jarland - hope all is well!


Please be advised that nick used the words “a former client”. This implies a singular party, as pointed out by all the others digging around in the dirt.

Given that this single client has had 84 posts on LEB in the 100 days leading up to black friday, I’m very concerned about the role of CC in this fiasco.


Please forward this too: THE END IS NEAR.

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Hi Nick. I’ve had some good personal conversations with you back when I was a LET mod, so I’ll try to keep this as mild as I can.

You say "client’ here, so I’m going to assume that you knew these 20+ provider accounts were owned and operated by the same individual going forward.

Why was a single person allowed to operate 20+ brands with Hudson Valley Host?

Why was this single person given near-exclusive advertising rights on LEB day-after-day over the course of many months, with each of their brands promoted time and again in quick sucession?

When Chris and company were warned of cPanel price hikes and the effects it would have on the providers under your umbrella (who promote unlimited cPanel account packages), the response was more or less “we’re not aware of any cPanel price increases at this time”. Was cPanel pricing the underlying reason why this cascading shutdown occurred?

How will LEB/CC prevent this from occurring in the future? Will multi-brand accounts still be allowed? Will a single person be granted exclusive advertisements rights (and accompanying patronage by CC) in the future?

After all this, I can only conclude one of two things. That all of this (including the 20+ brand services) were carried out by someone working at CC. Or CC has (almost malicious) apathy towards what happens on their platform using their resources as long as the revenue is there in the end. Both are pretty shitty, but please help me clarify which seems to be the case here.

Thanks for your time.


Hows it going Mason, long time no talk!

Sadly not much I can help you with there, this was a direct client of ColoCrossing from what I was told and my understanding of this, nothing to do with HudsonValleyHost as you mentioned where I spend my time (along with CVPS and the smaller brands we have around still).

I was just passed this from Deluxe to share with the communities however if I get anything else to pass along I will definitely update this thread.


Are you aware of any multi-brand stuff running from HVH then?

Edit: or CVPS that is.

Going good. Yeah man, hope you’re staying warm up there!

Ahh, I see this was a damage control response from Deluxe then.

It would be good to get a personal statement from yourself, Jon, and Chris on this matter, however. Deluxe probably has little to no knowledge about the inner workings within CC/HVH and its clients. With you guys managing the front lines, I’d like to know how this was permitted and allowed to happen (and was seemingly enabled by you guys) under your watch.

Specifically I’m interested in hearing more about how/why this one guy was able to take over LEB for these past several months pushing yearly-contracted services, then magically vanish.


Ah, sorry, I don’t buy it.

Anyways you should really look forward to improving the negative PR which CC has.

All this will lead to CC rebranding themselves and coming back with a new name like how Ecatel did as they lost every respect in the eyes of end clients. But people are smart now, it won’t help much.

It’s not really all within his scope either. Gotta put food on the table and do the best you can every day. At least for whatever anyone hates CC for, reasonable or not, Nick is one that’s hard to find fault in.

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I hate CC because we are going in 2020 and still no IPv6

Yeah, true but Nick can put this into the ears of the people who asked him to come here and communicate with the community.

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LE* Hosts recently:


Only answering the easy questions and sending over canned responses, got it :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

At least I tried.

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Thanks Jarland!



Tale of 2 Nicks in the same industry.

One understands the market & customer expectations, maintains quality of service, does not promote shady businesses or practices while the other, well, can’t say much.

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Obvious exit scam this one!