A rip or not a rip?

Would love to have you design our main company website. Just cant afford your rates. Your designs are amazing.

Also, Opteron X2150. AlphaRacks $10/year VPS is going to have more power.

Send me a message either way.

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As a front end developer/web designer i would say without a doubt they have not ripped anything from the code, probably just the idea and the structure overall.

Probably the founders of the other site hired a designer and told them, dude. “Make me a website better than this… but to be similar to it.”

And here it is :slight_smile:

Regards, Armand

IPv6 only for $79 setup fee lol

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Ah, so it’s useless.

If you want it just for webhosting it’s fine. Just place CloudFlare in front of it and you’re good to go. Although with that CPU and 32GB SSD… I don’t know. It can’t run anything. It doesn’t have any disk space.

It’s useless, with or without IPv4 connectivity.

But IPv6-only makes it even more useless :wink:

Works out to like $6.50/mo and for that you might as well buy a solid VPS, would get way more performance and… everything really.

I think it only has like 10mbps port or something as well, think that’s what I saw when I was looking the other day.

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