AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Available Soon

Best of all… way higher performance, but no price increases :+1:

Also, no problems with Hyperthreading / Spectre v2 / Meltdown

Read all here :

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Worth mentioning I wouldn’t say there is “no price increase”, prices per model/tier definitely shifted up by quite a bit, but most importantly there is only the X570 series of motherboards on launch with the B550 coming next year, and the prices for the X570 are way up on launch compared to previous X370 and X470 launches. If you go full HEDT you can even get an $800 X570 board.

Of course, you don’t need the new motherboard to run the new chip, but I still think it’s worth calculating it into it’s launch cost.

PS: anyone buying Intel right now is dumb. kthxbai


Wut. Selective ACKs have nothing to do with the CPU.

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To do so would be a SSYN.

Time to sell one of my 2700x but I am keeping the fancy cooler. I need more cores for rendering and I ain’t going to an expensive platform.

Sold my 2700x last month, hoping to get Zen 2 but will depend on UK prices at launch. Wouldn’t mind waiting for discounts to be honest.

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No rush, either. I don’t claim myself to be an early adopter anyway. Early adopters always suffer while spending more. I figure it will get some sale on this year’s holiday season at the end.


yeah, that’s what happens with 30+ tabs open on both Ryzen and Sack Panic

fixed now

Perfect timing for me.
Was going to go for an upgrade to a 9900K (from 4790K) but now I’m considering the 3950X :thinking:

I’m probably going team red for the first time ever.


Ryzens have been great, I have quite a few now for various purposes (my PC, hosting game servers, have a 2700X that runs VPS [and they all work with ECC] in Dallas and i’m getting a 3900X for VPS next month) and I’ve not had a single problem with performance or reliability. If you were going for a 9900K might as well just get a 3900X (8c/16t) since it release next month unlike the 3950X that’s a few months away.


When AMD finally goes with an entry level server CPUs we will stop, not everyone can afford an Epyc and I’m certainly not going to put consumer grade gear nowhere near my racks.

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Hetzner Ryzen 1700X

This product is available for almost 2 years now…

You think it would still be available if it failed more often than an Intel CPU ?

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Intel to be dethroned by TSMC - Bloomberg

It’s not a server, it’s a soho gear in a rack at most.

This is not a server CPU. No actual server boards for those too. AMD didn’t design them to operate in a DC environment. Simple as that. There’s no discussion with the facts.

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Facts ? Ok.

AsRock X470D4U Specifications

Supports AMD AM4 Socket Ryzen™ Series CPUs
Supports 4x DDR4 ECC and non-ECC UDIMM, max. 64 GB
Supports up to 6 x SATA3 6.0Gb/s
Integrated IPMI 2.0 with KVM and Dedicated LAN (RTL8211E)
Supports 2x GLAN by Intel I210 


Tyan Tomcat EX - AM4 Ryzen motherboard with management control


Is that a “server board” with audio jacks?

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The second one, yes

The ASRock is more a serverboard, the Tyan more for workstations.

Tyan is more a concept board, almost impossible to get one.

The ASRock was hard to get, but slowly getting more available.

I might as well go for more cores/threads since I’ll be using this for workloads that will appreciate that.
And at the price its a no brainer.

My wallet will appreciate the delay as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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