Arch Hosting is Closing Down


Free hosting is great and all, but one thing I realized that is money is a terrific motivator for hosts to offer decent quality service. If you aren’t being paid, would you put in your all to make sure sh*t stays online? Most won’t.

So here is my 3 cents to that,

  1. Most budget hosts makes nothing or close to nothing with those super duper ultra budget plans.

  2. When customer spends money, they should get proper and fast support. Which is impossible with budget hosting “profit”.

  3. Self satisfaction. I always looked at my free hosting project as charity. Feels good to offer something good for no cost to other. :). Plus, tax write off :rofl:


Even with budget hosts*, there is a contractual obligation to provide service as long as the terms and conditions are satisfied. I’d rather have something (even if it isn’t much) compelling the host to provide service rather than nothing. Free hosting just doesn’t have this, and for me this is something I value in a service.

I’m quite aware that budget hosts often make little to no (and sometimes lose!) money. I don’t entirely agree with point 2 – customers should receive support proportional to the pricing and plan they’ve obtained. For instance, you should not expect 5 minute responses for a $1/month VPS. That’s ridiculous. But if I’m paying $50/month for a 2GB VPS with management, I would expect great support.

And I can’t argue with 3. – what you want to do is ultimately up to you, and if that means offering free hosting, then good for you :slight_smile:

Note: excluding any CC/LEB hosts and scams like AlphaShit; common sense goes a long way


Lifetime deals = Ponzi scheme


I keep saying… Lifetime deals are not worth it.
They were featured on Mashable with a $25 Lifetime deal that included a 1y domain.
1 year and 11 months later they are closing down.

When users pay monthly for your service, if they ever stop paying/using it you can just free up the disk space, and that “user slot” to reduce the WHMCS and cPanel price. When you are running Lifetime deals you simply cant without starting a new company and closing the previous one.

Lifetime deals are of course sort of a gamble. I wouldn’t buy any where I don’t believe it’s likely the provider will be still going strong in at least 2-3 years, and of course we don’t have any guarantees … :sunglasses:

Best scam, selling life time, wait until you cannot charge back, open a new company and kill the old one and do “refugee offers”.

However, there is a deduction in the B note, because they did it shitty.

Best lifetime deal is Hostballs…

Signup, behave, and you got a lifetime deal for an unbeatable price !


i wasted over $168.39 with Arch Hosting by taking up the Lifetime Deals and Upgrades :frowning: and now that is being closed

Hopefully their lifetime deal now transformed into a lifetime lesson about lifetime deals.



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