Black Friday Hopes & Dreams

Got my heavy hitter calculated.

Package name: Reseller150
Storage: 150GB
Features: Unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited user accounts
Price: $84/year

I can only offer 300 reseller accounts within what I consider to be safe margins, and it’s quite a savings over the reseller prices I’ve posted on as coming soon. This can’t be like the other years where I just never let the stock go to zero, resellers will actually use disk space and I can’t oversell nearly as much.


I hope the deals are terrible. I’m pushing 400GB of ram in colo’d boxes and still going “hmm, but that is a really good VPS deal”.


I’m ready to grab some KVM deals this BF/CM. Something like 2GB KVM, 30GB SSD, 25$-30$/year is what I’m looking for.


i dont know what i want this BF, some cloud vm for load balancing maybe.

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Yes, bf is in 1 month, woah, this year just flew by

A dedicated HaProxy cloud… sounds good !

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That’s a lot of hentai.

My BF hope and dream this year is to get another shoutout from Steve @HIVELOCITY :wink:


Are you sure you aren’t at a BBQ place? I mean, I swear that dude just brought me a long island iced tea… hell of a host!

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Hope to get a deal for a low usage seedbox (private trackers only). Time4VPS was excellent till it lasted. Upped the price; besides it was an overkill for my needs anyway. Preferably with a provider (reliable and all that) that also gives 2-3 yr deals.

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I remember there were some meme last year…

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I hope for VPS, lots of cheap VPS with 512-1024 RAM…

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Same here, have my online net dedicated that’s great for seeding but Low storage and not sure about peering for plex. Also, not sure how great the c2350 is for transcoding.

Would love some storage with 1cpu/1gb and great peering to sshfs into my smarthosts vps. Either way, gonna buy a bunch of shit I don’t need.

Also looking for solid cable modem this bf to get rid of rental fees, but reviews always so mixed.

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My hope is not to break the bank lol

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Break it. Don’t worry, the country will create more coin and back up the bank.

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Yeah, but they won’t back up my account…

There was a fabulous 3TB kvm for $84/yr from Hosthatch. (insane $2.33/TB-mo)

Maybe it will pop-up again next week.
Throttle rtorrent to 10-15 MB/s out and you should be fine for long-term.

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I would love to go for a low-end KVM storage box from a reputed provider (so that I can comfortably commit for 2-3 years) at such fabulous BF rates. Something 200-300GB and a price that’s kinda falls within the ratio :slight_smile:

Hoping that @HostDoc would have unmetered plans again in Singapore :grin: