Boss, do you need the cheap labor of the People's Republic of China?

Boss, do you need cheap labor?
I can do whatever you want without trouble.
I am willing to spend time learning the events I need to do.
All this does not require you to guarantee responsibility wages
But I hope you can help me, time is too cheap for me.
If you have privacy, please email
Living together in the global village, please let the world be full of love

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No money, you foreigners have money, want to find some money with your boss to earn

No, we’re not hiring.

  • The Boss

No problem boss, please give me an impression
I am by your side when you need me.

What did you smoke today?

Sorry, drugs are forbidden,
Normal thoughts, maybe no money, crazy

I’ll have (some) money until I drown in student loans… lol

Repayment newsletters have been forcing forward momentum
Capitalism keeps cutting chives
The same story is staged in different places

@sea Are you a Bot or a Meat Popsicle?

Google Translate generates some beautiful haikus!


Yes boss.

Sorry, I use Google Translate and I am sorry for the dyslexia.

Hello boss, is there a need?
If you need me, I am always waiting for you.

Have you tried fiverr? You could offer your services there and have a chance at earning some bucks.


Bless you, I needed that laugh.
In all seriousness, what do you do?
I’m intrigued.

I think we could all learn a thing or two from sea