Cheap/Free DNS Service Suggestions?

I need a cheap or free dns service like cloudflare. (i don’t use cloudflare proxy)

I have some vps and i use cloudflare to point domains to my ip’s, now i’m looking for a alternative wich allows me setup all my domains with a single dns and provides a control panel to manage domain entries.

Creating my own dns server it’s not a solution for me, i prefer use third party services.

I tried namecheap FreeDNS but domain authorization process does not work for me, i need something wich needs just to update domain nameservers.

You can just use Cloudflare DNS and disable proxy. Just click the orange cloud to make it gray. I personally host all my domains on CF (just one on Porkbun). Alternatively, CloudNS has a free tier so you can check them out too.


How many domains are you talking about and how many lookups?

  • Personally I’ve found HE’s free service ( to be fast and reliable, and is probably my first choice.
  • If you have below 50 RR’s and 500k/month, then NS1’s free plan gives you serious features like API and GeoDNS, but you will get seriously reamed if you go above the limit (like $8/million lookups).
  • Zilore gives you anycast servers and a high traffic limit, but no API or GeoDNS and only 5 domains in the free tier.
  • AWS Route 53 is reliable and lookup PAYG rates are cheap, but the per-domain charge makes it not so good if your lookups are spread across many domains.
  • Oracle Cloud DNS is not part of their free tier, but I’ve actually found it to be very good. Lookup speeds are excellent and there’s no monthly per-domain charge, just pay for lookups at something like $0.85/million which in many cases works out to a few pennies per month. You also get API access, but health checks kind of suck at $0.30 per endpoint per month (OK if you’ve got one or two, but it adds up fast if you’ve got many).
  • If you have an account with LunaNode, they have a free DNS service which isn’t bad, but the NS are in Canada & France with no anycast. But free and has health checks and GeoDNS.

Note that you can also use combinations of the above, for example if you like the interface of NS1 but don’t like the traffic limits, then you can use NS1 as a hidden master and as the slave which is published in your NS records.


You can check the performance and uptime of most providers at

Stick with either of these two providers and you’ll be a happy puppy :wink:

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Do you use the paid tier of NS1? Upgrading to a paid plan in the $45/month range is way beyond my low-end budget, 50 RR’s is nowhere near enough for all my stuff, and I’m using 400k of the 500k limit for just one of my subdomains.

Don’t get me wrong, I love NS1 and use it myself for my most important things. I recently spent a few hours integrating Uptime Robot health checks into the NS1 platform, which shows how flexible their platform is. But moving to a paid plan? Nah.

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Get a few cheap KVM’s with AntiDDoS and run a dns service on them.

Sadly already OOS, was a 256MB KVM with v4 for 6$/y.
Also BF is over so, most likely you stuck with Free DNS providers such as Zilore.

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Regarding, I think they still do that thing where their servers stop returning queries for your domain if they don’t detect your nameservers as being pointed to them(?)
Ref. comment by @Jarland in old thread/topic here.

Pricing? More pros/cons/features? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it means downtime to switch to them because there will inevitably be a stage where they don’t detect it yet someone else does, so their system queries HE and gets nothing in return. Not so bad if starting there, but rough if moving production to it.

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I use HE as secondary with a hidden master and don’t recall this problem, but possible my memory is faulty.

Created a wiki for doing this: Connecting Uptime Robot with NS1 DNS API