Crowdfunding to Help a Dog We Just Got

Hi guys,

This is the first time I’ve started a small crowdfunding campaign. Let me explain:

We’ve adopted a dog called Gucci as a temporary family member (until we see how well she deals with our current dog Steve). She doesn’t have anything, though I was able to get her a comfortable bed and we have some spare food though not enough. We will cover the basics such as food, but she also needs a chip, toys, vaccines and some training from a professional.

Unfortunately, this dog has been waiting months for a family to come along; if this goes well, we will keep her. The main reason she has been waiting so long is because of her behaviour. I believe that she was treated poorly in the past, and she was closed in a small space even during heavy rain. She’s currently aggressive, but I’m hoping that a professional will be able to stop by and help her; I know she’s a sweetheart.

This is her! She is a Sharpei:

If anyone is willing to donate something, monetary wise, we’ll be incredibly grateful and we’ll be able to take care of her better. I would rather help animals than many people I know. If we’re unable to keep her permanently, any leftover funds will be given to the new owners. We do hope to keep her though.

Should you want to help please PM me. Or I can simply leave the details here. Granted that if there isnt help, I will still obviously feed her. Until she can take the vaccines she needs to calm down, gain trust in humans, and feel safe.

Much love,

Donations so far:

@Mason - 22 EUR
@Razza - 45 EUR
@FHR - 10 EUR
@jetchirag - 67 EUR
@AnthonySmith / InceptionHosting - 100 EUR
@S3phy - 10 EUR
Dennis from - 115,50 EUR / 100 GBP

Total amount spent - 265,82 EUR
Remaining balance - 103,68 EUR
Goals - Serestos, Chip, Vaccines (unknown amount of vaccinnes left, from what we know she had a single vaccinne)


Payment Details
Bank transfer: IBAN - GB30 REVO 0099 7053 5175 40 / BIC - REVOGB2
Revolut link may be sent to

You can do it anonymously, with your name, or company name. All donors and the amount donated will be posted here for transparency and expenses as well.

Thank you for being amazing and helping Gucci. This is a long journey we are happy to help her go through so she can live a very happy life :heart:


As I am short on money myself, and do not like donating it so much anyway (and that is not to you personally, but in general. So please don’t be offended; I have 2 dogs myself), I can recommend to you to check out TV shows of professionals who deal with dogs. Here in Germany we have smth. like “Der Hundeprofi”, I’m sure you’ll have an equivalent or will find some good channels with advice on how to deal with these kinda dogs on YouTube. Second advice would be books. There are a lot of interesting books about a dogs behaviour. Check them out if you can :slight_smile: If money is an issue maybe there are free ebooks or some in your public library? Obviously some things like vaccines, chip etc still require money but anyway when you can cut some costs with free solutions why not.

All the best! Looking forward to the pics :wink:


Here are some more pictures :slight_smile:

She is 4 years old. Today would be her last day as she was planned to… Disappear from the world. We had to act immediately and will do our best for her.


Know how you feel mate. Our two dogs also were from one of these places where they make them disappear after a certain time if not taken in. One of our dogs is from Portugal actually, the other from Cyprus.

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Definitely! And completely understand you, seriously. I too dont like to donate much.

I do have some experience with aggressive dogs. Mine is mixes with a pitbull. We had to take care of her and even though this wont be easy, we will be patient. Today is her first day with us, I am pretty nervous still! :slight_smile:


Very interesting!!! Adopting, or even temporary family, is helping these animals. We dont yet know if we will keep her as she needs a lot of work to be done, behaviour wise. We had an offer a few minutes ago from a dog coach to help with her integration, which is great!


Glad to hear! All the best :slight_smile:

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I can try to help you with dealing with aggressive dogs to some degree- right now I’m afraid I don’t really have any money to throw at it- I’ve already set aside about a months’ income to fix the folks’ car, and the laptop project I’m trying to take care of for the county.

If something changes, I’ll be happy to throw a few bucks your way.

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I will accept your help on dealing with aggressive dogs. Lets get in touch. This sweetheart deserves a much better life.


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When the animal becomes part of the family, they’ve earned the he/she pronoun in my book.


Miguel - shoot me your PayPal email, I’ll throw some money your way to help out!


I am aware of that but for me animals are part of our family. Just like their names, my dog is Steve! :slight_smile:

Thats the case here Mason! :slight_smile:

Sent - thank you! Im going to buy her some toys today. She is still very aggressive. The dog coach is coming here today to make a plan and treat her attitude. Hopefully it works right!

@Miguel sent you a message.


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