Do You Have Server/Hosting Equipment at Home?

Raspberry PI gathering dust as I never found a real use for it (arm, too slow compared to any vps). Synology NAS counts?

A regular person won’t have a NAS at home.

Yeah, I use a USB thumb drive to boot the OS and for data as well.

Too late to take it back. I’m never going to feel like a regular person again.

We aren’t regular people for sure.


I currently have one R720XD with 2 E5-2687W v2 and 128gb of DDR3 at 1866 MHz,
i think it has 12x 146gb at 15k (got them free) 6x 600gb at 10k, 2x 500gb SSD, 2x 2TB 7.2k drives.

Unsure about my drives but yeah… pretty much it.
I also have an R710 laying around and some tiny dell desktops PC running as well as 2 raspberry 3b.

For some projects, I use some desktop PC I have one with an i7-5930K and 16gb of ddr4 with a 970 and another one with an i5 4790k and a 750ti (16gb as well).
Of course, I don’t count my main pc, 5 laptops, and another machine. It’s mainly the machines that I used in the last times.


Does mikrotik for hotspot management categorized as server?

Octopus Albert ! :smiley:

Give us a shout if you need some more - international Alberts :wink: