A number of projects I use are moving towards docker deployments. I admit I know very little about docker as a technology so I really need to learn.

My first question is around the install foundation. I currently have a dedi which is running proxmox, I can’t really justify another dedi just for playing. Can I install docker alongside proxmox (is this a good idea) can I spin up a VM and nest the virtualisation?



Yeah, while I do love Docker for a lot of reasons, I wish project maintainers still provided instructions on installing an application without using Docker.

To answer your questions, Docker will run just fine alongside Proxmox (this is what I do). It will also run just fine within a VM as long as it’s KVM and not just a container :slight_smile:

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It’s a bit of a pain, but forcing me to learn the future too!

I think I will probably spin up a VM to start with then, with the possibility of moving to the host once I am more comfortable!



The only time I used Docker was to install Zammad, it was way easier yo get it up running but I feel like its harder for maintaining the services you used it for.

It’s great for the most part, just a bit annoying for certain setups. I would recommend installing Portainer as a docker container to manage your other containers :slight_smile: Provides a nice web UI if you prefer that over CLI.

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You can’t run Docker within containers that run within the user space. These are called light-weight containers and one of those are OpenVZ and LXC. On the other hand, KVM, Xen, VMWare and other “hardware virtualization” technologies that load a custom kernel and separate hardware components into the logical abstractions can easily run Docker within the VM itself because the VM is not aware that it is being virtualized.

We have a couple of clients running Docker and our documentation on installing CrossBox inside of a Docker container can give you a general idea on how to get some software working within Docker. It is relatively easy and usually, the most difficult part is port mapping (passing the traffic from the host node to the Docker container). You install everything else as usual after you enter the container’s bash.

Personally, Docker is really good and one of the few things that I hate doing is entering a Docker container:

docker exec -it 88982f9169b45259d04eb5df211fff4c3dd57c8a1ea6b60d9020bf7b3bdab105 bash

and that huge hash is a container’s ID which you get with:

docker ps


I’d def will love to learn docker too!
Been doing some other things but I’ll try to learn it soon ™


Why not enter into it using its nickname instead of that long ass ID?
docker exec -it bashful_cock bash


Plot twist: he makes the nicknames a long uuid

docker run --name=`uuidgen` donkeyos:latest

You can run Docker in LXC

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I heard that OS is a pain in the ass

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Pretty sure you can in OpenVZ as well if it’s OVZ 7 (3.x kernel)

I’ve ran Docker within an LXC container on a KVM VPS, so it’s definitely possible. You just need to ensure it’s a privileged container, and it also requires LXC nesting to be enabled (security.nesting option).


In my case I have a KVM VPS with BuyVM, which has several LXC containers on it, and one of the LXC containers is running a few Docker images. Works fine.


Run it inside another VM. That is the best way of going about it. I’d also suggest checking out things like docker swarm and kubernetes as that is where docker is really headed.

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I’m not sure if they’ll be helpful for you all or not, but there are a few integrations for Hetzner Cloud regarding Docker: GitHub - hetznercloud/awesome-hcloud: A curated list of awesome libraries, tools, and integrations for Hetzner Cloud --Katie, Marketing


I have no idea how good it is, as i only just recently found it, but

was recommended on one google repo i was reading earlier as introduction to docker and looks pretty good, basically codecademy style course.

couple first scenarios can be done without account,but after that you just need an account, but still free AFAIK (i literally just signed up as i was typing to confirm i can skip to the last part without payment lol)

never heard of them before tho, but they seem to have bunch of interesting courses on different services/solutions

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