DynBox 5 year anniversary special: 8,48€/year VPS, IPv4, 512-1024 MB RAM, 1 vCore, 20GB HDD, 100 Mbit/s FUP, LXC

I was curious about their support, so I opened a support ticket about SWAP being 512mb. They replied after precisely 21 hours, and increased it.

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What’s up with them being associated with the German hacking/botting/DDoS skid forum?

Why would you run a hosting provider and “partner” with a forum packed full of people selling stolen and hacked accounts, malware, “cheap premium booter”, keylogged credentials, stolen payment methods, carded hardware/items?

Probably because it brings money in and Elitepvpers is also known to have a lot of members hosting gameservers (either WoW private servers or other mmorpgs), or CS, Minecraft… Not all people there are shady. The reason they “advertise” them as partners is probably because EPvPers has a rule that states that each host that advertises at their forum at all, needs to backlink to the forum on their website (iirc). Hence, if they want to make sales with the legit ppl on epvp, they still need to link to them on their website.

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Yeah well, if a host wants to post on hackforums to get the single digit number of legitimate customers, then they deserve full well the bad reputation associated with it, in my opinion.

And “a lot of members hosting piracy and stolen binaries” is not a really good reason.

Fair enough. There is probably enough HETZNER to make up for the lack of HETZNER in Dynbox.

Today my server had IPv4 address changed (2 times, different IPv4, in 30 minutes), without any prior notification. And everything was working fine; now, after rebuild, that previous swap increase is gone.

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That’s not very nice. Open yet another a ticket perhaps :open_mouth: