Favorite Free Web Tools/Plugins That You Use Daily?

Has anybody mentioned HetrixTools?

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I forgot HetrixTools! They’re awesome, we are on their $40/mo plan to watch over all our network and no complaints about them.

Anyone here ever use PagerDuty? I’m on the trial right now, and I really like how it integrates with UptimeRobot (and everything else). Considering purchasing it after the trial ends.


We’ve used that at DO for a good while. It’s not my team using it so I don’t know how much it’s loved, but I can’t imagine it isn’t appreciated for having been used as long as it has :slight_smile:

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Not a web tool but free still. Paessler Web Stress software. Very nice for website testing, various scenarios (ramp, peak, simulate client bandwidth etc). Simulates up to 4000 hits/second. Overall very useful.

Similar to Paessler, ive used https://loader.io on multiple occasions! Very… Very… Helpful


I use some of these on a regular basis, others are an occasional use:

Prefix Filter List Generator: https://www.dan.me.uk/filtergen

IPv4/IPv6 calculator: IPv4/IPv6 subnet calculator and addressing planner

IPv4 Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet: https://kthx.at/subnetmask/


I am not sure about better, I tend use this for global ping checks.

Just Ping


I remeber using TextMechanic to help me create country lists and such and import them to mysql

Ping and mtr from multiple locations http://ping.pe

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Just found this recently, really nice tool to bang out a complete nginx config in seconds: https://nginxconfig.io/


That’s super useful! Bookmarked.


Built this as a quick ip info page, and set it as the home page for my proxy browser so I always knew where I was being seen as coming from.

Edit: It doesn’t have any analytic bullshit to it, minus the web server logs. In case you are curious.

  • ipinfo.io
  • bgp.he.net
  • ping.pe
  • termbin
  • pushover (a fucking life saver, love it)
  • team cymru whois server
  • 1password

I’d love if you could share that, so I can translate it to portuguese, we often need to know our client’s IP. I’d register a domain and put the source code there.

Edit: Reports screen resolution wrong, I run fullhd, <.<

It’s probably calculating your browser window size. So if your browser isn’t full screen then it’ll be smaller than your actual resolution.

(Unless there’s some new method I’m unaware of to grab the resolution of the user’s device)

It can report the wrong screen size if you have changed your scaling in windows to something other than 100%. Right Click desktop > DIsplay Settings > Find Scale and layout, see if it is at something other than 100%

Umm, If you like I’d work with you on creating a Portuguese version. I’m not totally sure on if I want to give that code out, just yet. I really intended it to be used, so I’d love for it to gain some traction. Whisper me, or I can provide a contact email if you are interested. Plus it would give me some experience on how to code a website with multiple languages.


It is in full size, for sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmhm, I see, thing is, I’d put it on a .pt domain and host it myself. I know, just want the source code. Not fair, and I am aware. :smiley:

Display settings thing: Indeed, that was it!

I think you could easily just proxy the home page, and it would work. I haven’t tested.

I’d also be willing to buy the .pt domain of your choice, or you buy it and I’ll set it up to work with my server if you are willing.

There is a few backend database connection that I use to help speed up queries, like the proxy check.

No need, and I really appreciate your cool offer, but that’s something I’ll most likely need to ask someone to develop for us, we’d need to tie it to our company, etc and spread it in Portugal.

Well, I will let you know if I ever make it free! Wish I could have done so.

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