Free subdomain?

Hello all,

Is there a place that provides a free subdomain that works as a paid top level domain - and has been operating for many years, so you know they will stick around for a long time without issues?

Have you ever used them? Have experience to share?

I haven’t used them in a few years myself, but NoIP are really good for this

I think is pretty legit. Been around for years, full DNS like you’d have on a “real” domain and it’s free.

Here’s a list of domains you can use, which include quite a few LL.LL domains:

Generally, you’d be better just getting a proper domain, but I think the above is as a close as you’ll get without having to pay anything.


Some free stuff I had (~10 years ago) used were:
* →
* → appearently shut down in 2012
* →
*.tk →
* → for european individuals and non profit organisations

Versio is currently registering .nl domain names for €0.49 for a whole year.

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And that €0.49 includes a complimentary ‘.online’ registration too, if you don’t like the idea of a geographic domain. Again only for 12 months.

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Good for DDNS, but you have to keep renewing. is not just for Europeans! They are old-school quirky, I’ve just signed up.

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Glad it worked out for you! And you’re right, “This site has no relation with the European Union, despite its name.”.
It’s the .eu domains who are reserved for EU residents/companies. seems to be free for all.