GitScrum Lifetime deal

Yeah, I just saw. Damn, that’s a real shame.

I’m not the biggest fan of kanban/scrum boards. Use JIRA for work stuff. Github projects for personal stuff.

I’ve used odoo and openproject in the past as well, but didn’t like them enough to stick with it

Try the free account.

Looks a little bit too limiting, but I might do when I have the time spare.

I’ve heard of JIRA a lot, but I’ve never looked into it. The $10 one-time fee for 10 users (self-hosted) looks decent.

Odoo overcomplicates everything. I’ve tried openproject but I guess it wasn’t neither too bad or too good as I don’t remember anything specific to point out.

Asana also allows you to manage the project task as a list with optional sections. So they don’t force a specific method. Totally worth you taking a look.

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Cheers! I’ll check it out and give it a shot :slight_smile: always happy to try something new

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Yeah I considered giving jira a try but then read that the hosting can be a pain…

I do love Trello, but both Asana and JIRA look great. But the fact that Trello is free is definitely swaying me. Decisions decisions.

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After a lot of Googling, JIRA looks like it’s the best all-in-one solution. It’s supposedly complex, but you can tweak it to be what you want. Looks like I’ll probably transition to it. @Mason do you use a self-hosted instance?

For anyone else who may be looking into JIRA, this video pretty much sold it to me.


Nah, not currently self-hosting JIRA. It’s supplied by my work along with the rest of the Atlassian suite. But I really like it! Easy to use, robust, has tons of features.

I’ve been considering purchasing a license for myself to self-host for my personal stuff.


Damn, it was incredibly easy to setup behind Nginx. It’s always nice when applications are this nice to setup! Using the UI has pretty much convinced me, I’ll probably migrate over the weekend.

Wtf…that was freaking fast. Now I’m itching you bastard…but then, I know jack shit about Nginx so I would probably fuck it all up.

P.S.: I left some stuff for you to edit in my comment you bastard…oops there I go again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you want me to set you up an instance just for testing, let me know :slight_smile:

If you point it out, then I’m going to edit it :wink: Otherwise I’ll leave it alone haha.


That would be great! Come over in one of those ultra cheap hifly flight and the first rounds are on me!



Edit: Still laughing… hahaha

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Hahaha, I’ll set it up for you in a sec :slight_smile: My only complaint about it is that it’s a bit slow when going between pages, but I’m not that concerned.

You must’ve taken that screenshot quickly since I unlocked it almost immediately after editing haha.

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@404error did you get a chance to try out my JIRA installation?

Briefly, seems to have everything, but I’m not sure its a good solution to bring customers over to as the UI seems complex and I think the vast majority will say … Fk it… And will email me anyway.

But if you’re keeping it up, I’ll mess around more this weekend.
Edit. Have you decided to migrate to this solution over from Trello?

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See, I disagree. I think it’ll take a day or two to learn where everything is, but other than that it doesn’t seem too complex.

Yeah, I’m planning on moving over from Trello sometime next week. No worries, I’ll leave the install up for now then :slight_smile:

A day or two is two days too long for the vast majority of clients.

Ah, I wasn’t aware that you were planning on clients using it. Seems like a bit of a weird use, so I doubt JIRA would work out for you.