Hobbies Outside of Technology

Hiya HostBalls :smiley:

Outside of Technology, what are your hobbies/interests?

Personally i collect colognes!

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Good morning!

Personally I just like to drink, play call of duty, spend time with my family, and I have this weird new obsession with collecting Android Wear devices.

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Whats been your favourite Wear device so far?

Cars and drifting are probably my #1 hobbies next to fixing broken servers! I have a Scion FRS, and it consumes far more time and money than I’d like.

Oddly enough, the Ticwatch E. They all suck in terms of continuous heart monitor and sleep tracking, falling far behind Fitbit and Tizen for those things, which puts them at a level where the real day to day comparison comes down to screen size, weight, and comfort.

Second prize goes to Huawei Watch 2 for being that nice balance between “jack of all trades” and size/comfort.

Interesting… Ive personally only tried then ASUS Zenwatch 2. It was good for what i paid for it.

Recently Switched back to a Luxury Emporio Armani Analog… Something about Analog watches that gets to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Used to play rugby. @WSS will probably think it’s funny, but I used to be a hooker on the team. But I haven’t played in a while and have mellowed out a lot. Lots of reading, being lazy, and some painting. I tend to disconnect when I’m not in the office, so I don’t have many gadgets or devices. --Katie

Whaaaaaaat seriously? Haha!
That’s unfortunately a sport not so common in Portugal, at all. There are no rugby teams as far as I know, at least not in my city/close to.

IMO disconnecting when you’re not in the office is the most clever decision you can take, I mean, we all need to stop working at some time. I’m quite addicted to working, even during weekends when I promise myself I won’t.

Let’s say for hobbies, I love to watch tv / movies, I’ve tried other stuff but I need to get my garage clean to start doing handcraft stuff, just an idea I have but maybe trying to build some model boats and stuff like that.

Word! I’m a big fan of wetshaving, myself. I have something like 20 safety razors (because I can). It’s probably a cheaper addiction than most. :slight_smile:

I like to work on cars- most of the time. I’ve got two more to wrap up and get out of here, but we just had snow this week, so they’re not high on my list of priorities, especially now with full-time work (thank god).

I really want to like the FRS more- it’s missing a stock turbo.

Being a hooker is a necessary position, Katie; there’s nothing wrong with that!

My main hobby outside of tech is drumming. Been beating the shit out of my drums since I was 10 or 12. Was in a couple of heavy metal bands throughout high school and college, namely Smile As She Cries and Our Waking Deception. Was fun while it lasted – always had a blast playing shows and going on mini-tours.

Since having a son, I haven’t really touched my acoustic set for some time. However, I do have a nice electric kit that I play PhaseShift (basically rock band for PC) when I can find the time. Here’s a vid of me from a couple years ago:

Aside from music, I used to be really into Warhammer Fantasy and have several armies (Empire, High Elves, Beasts of Chaos) amassed over the years. Wish I had a picture of all of them, but they’re all packed away and were never painted anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

And finally video games is another hobby of mine. I’ve run several large gaming communities since I was 14. Starting out with Day of Defeat: Source, then moving into Counter Strike: Source and Mount & Blade Warband. Don’t have too much time anymore to game, but hoping as my son gets older I can mold him into the perfect gaming buddy :slight_smile:


Damn @Mason that’s hardcore! How about some Pink Floyd? :smiley:

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Haha yeah, been all about the heavy scene since I was 16 or 17 :metal:

I have tons of songs on Phase Shift that I jam to (not all metal, don’t worry). Been meaning to record more, but just haven’t had the time to yet. Hoping to get my son into music as well, hopefully guitar so we can jam together.

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Get him to start learning it ASAP, kids learn faster than we do.

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His favorite toys as of late are a little drum set and guitar that light up and make noise, so we’re off to a good start :wink:

That’s a start already… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I enjoy spending time with family and playing Call of Duty. Lately, I have been on a geocaching kick with my son. I have an adventurous side when not working on servers.


Geocaching is really interesting to find interesting places / spots.

It looks like you guys play lots of games, we should get a server soon so I can kick your asses. :>
Or maybe you’ll kick mine.

Call of duty infinite warfare on PS4 is our jam

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I have a discount copy of that I bought on Amazon and have yet to open, lol. Should get around to it. I got it when I picked up my PS4 last year along with Battlefield 1 and that ended up consuming pretty much all of my PS4 time.

Outside of the tech/business world I spend 10-12 hrs a day in, I like to shoot. Something really therapeutic about throwing some lead down range after a mentally taxing week behind a desk.

This last year hasn’t been great for finding range time but hoping in 2018 I can get out at least 2-3 weekends a month from April to October. Also looking forward to getting my hunting certification this year so I can play some real life duck hunt this fall/winter.

Low key envy collecting something affordable. I just picked up a new bottle of Yves Saint Laurent which set me back $120 AUD :open_mouth: