Hottest And Completely Bonkers Deals By VirMach. Psychotic Giveaway + Fireworks Caught This Thread On Fire + New Year Free VPS

Very interesting, I got too much recently which will run idle so no moreee

I literally just run openvpn on them if anything :joy:

A few hours before this expires: how do you actually sign up for a server @VirMach?

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Hi, looks like I may have forgotten to even include the promo code. It’s “HOSTEDTALK”

EDIT – Since I’m a disappointment to my parents and incapable of posting an offer and actually including the promo code, I’m extending the offer by another day-ish. Expect it to go on until at least tomorrow afternoon PST.


It wouldn’t be a VirMach sale without completely unbalanced VPSes with 5 GB SSD and 15 GB RAM :rofl:

I’ve been a VirMach customer since the start of 2017 but I just started transferring my last VirMach VPS to someone else (it was in New York and I had a few other VPSes in New York already, so I was consolidating all my New York servers into one). Can I still take advantage of this offer?

Will we finally get native IPv6 at that time? :o

It might still let you order it and if it doesn’t then just PM me your e-mail with us. Yes, we will have IPv6.

Got it! Thanks. I wanted one in San Jose (I’m in the SF Bay Area so it’s physically the closest to me) but it’s out of stock so I went with Los Angeles. Will be glad to have a VirMach VPS nearby again, after only having VirMach VPSes in Buffalo for the past 3 years :stuck_out_tongue: (my first VirMach VPS was an SSD4G in Los Angeles back in 2017, but I only had it for a year)

already have few BF 2019 deals , good luck yall

Thought it was either an intentional easter egg or my reading comprehension devolved into that of a 2nd grader with ADHD. Glad to know all the drinking I did last night didn’t have any lasting effects.


Only 28 Comments in 24 hours made on the OP in a VirMach thread? And, no Ticket numbers? What?

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@VirMach Please check my ticket #083296 - no replies since 2020. /s

(I start to worry if VirMach receive so many tickets that even a randomly picked 6 digits is actually a real ticket number)

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What is the difference between the plans for this promo (KVM Lite) and your regular KVM plans?

Can check this thread for more info: VirMach plans for OpenVZ6 [only for CHIOVZ1 and SEAOVZ1 - feedback gathering ] — LowEndTalk

Basically, KVM Lite doesn’t allow Windows installation, and is more restrictive in CPU (33% average), but I am not sure whether the disk space manual expansion feature is still in place or not


I’m really enjoying myself here so far.


yet - I am really worried that it won’t last long after an influx of VirMach customers

Anyway, I believe it is kind of complete now, one of the main reasons for lots of us to be actively on LET is because you were only on LET


OK, couldn’t resist… Especially with all the location choices, I could pick one that I haven’t tried before. Definitely won’t be abusing this, and hope to try out some higher-spec requiring applications. :smiley:
Thanks again, Virmach!

Grabbed one in Dallas. Half of the disk I was looking for but it will work! Thank you!

Yup, same here…wasn’t able to resist!

@VirMach I won’t take advantage since I just bought a bunch, but keep me in mind for that sweet sweet swag! :wink:

Happy new Year @VirMach

Got another deal from you. Happy to be one of your customers for 3 year in a row.

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