I need some idea for what to do with my vps

so far i bought some vps from virmuch , because theyr were very cheap , the only problem is that i have run out of idea about doing something cool with them , can someone give me an idea

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idle or cancel

This is a good place to start:


You can do something useful, grab all the unmetered machines you got and blast torrent + tor.
The peak I had was about 0.3PB per month.

thank you very much !

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Indeed Awesome Self-Hosted is a great place to start. You can also run your own vpn with wireguard or OpenVPN, setup an HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy with privoxy, or a machine monitoring solution with Uptime Kuma, a small Nextcloud/Owncloud server, or your own Vaultwarden password manager.

Or somesuch.


You can do all those things.

Or just cancel it and save that money.

theyr quite cheap , like 1usd / year , 10usd/year so i think i will keep have it ,maybe for learning some cool stuff

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Install an ELK stack and save all your logs.

You are nearly the same as me.

My advise is check the youtube channel dbtech.
He have one perfect collection for rasberry pi.
In some places you need to be aware you have a server not a pi.

You dont show you the best and easy tools out there. In his videos he shows you how to install them and configuration ready to use. Additionally he make the videos for new commer like you and me.
My advise prepaire many prepare and a pen for notes, with time you understand the basics how to run a VPS.