Let's Encrypt on NAT VPS

That’s interesting. I tried that a few months ago and it was not supported, unless I misunderstood something. This is great, I will try it again. It will let me put a web site on a NAT without having to mess with DNS auth. For web auth I use the dehydrated script which is much simpler than certbot.

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Sounds like me… most of the time. I thought that getting LE certs for my LES boxes might be a bit trickier than normal. Surprisingly not. Worked for both nginx and lighttpd pretty easily.

That may be the difference as I used certbot.

Let’s Encrypt is fine with IPv6-only DNS servers. I have acme-dns running on an IPv6 address and use it along with Let’s Encrypt DNS challenges. Works well! You can use one acme-dns instance for everything, and it works for wildcard certs too.