Lifetime/One-time Deals Worth Considering

Thanks for the mention! Yeah, I’ve actually looked into GrapesJS and it looks decent. Although I like Mobirise workflow more so far because it’s just super simple and even more visually appealing. Tbh though GrapesJS takes a different approach. More like Bootstrap Studio perhaps? Looks cool, still.

So far playing around with Mobirise, Pinegrow, Pingendo and Architect HTML Builder + Novibuilder^^

Which one do you think is the best? I’m also looking into an easy site/page-builder (currently using Bootstrap Studio).

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If storage counts.

US registered ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription | StackSocial for 59 USD only

SE registered Degoo Premium: Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan | StackSocial 59 USD only


Adding some more to the list and tagging @404error:

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I’ve heard bad things about Perkzilla dev.
Glorifyapp looks great! I was thinking on getting that one… but on the other hand… I already have RelayThat and I’m happy with it… even if I mostly use Photoshop and Illustrator for banners anyway… :face_with_monocle:

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There’s also (no lifetime deal though). I feel like Glorifyapp looks a tiny bit different and could be even more fun but I’m not sure :smiley: Gonna stay away from Pabbly then.

I don’t like Pitchground… but you might wanna check this;

I think it does it’s job well…

//Edit. I don’t like Pitchground cause they hype the products so much that they even come up with stuff that isn’t there. So don’t take their sales copy as an indicator of reality. Check the product website.
As an example, this one time they were claiming that this SaaS had 200 devs working on the app, the CEO came out multiple times correcting them that in fact the team was 5 devs… yet, they kept on going with the 200.

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This one looks quite interesting, too: Virusdie: Lifetime Premium Subscription | StackSocial . Gotta check some reviews first though. Even the free tier looks ok:

I feel like getting it… but a fireall for WordPress that is unknown… idk… feels odd.

BTW you fk’ing WordPress lovers out there… I never had ONE website hacked till the day I did my first WordPress website…
… countless Joomla websites… no even one was hacked. ONE wordpress website, and it was hacked within a week of going live…

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Haha yeah. I won’t be getting the Virusdie thing anyway. The name is a bit sketchy and yt channel has like 26 subs. Also most shared hosts I’m with have virus scans themselves. Also Codecanyon has similar stuff if I ever wanted to get that. As for WP… yeah. Due to various dubious plugins it’s easy to be compromised/hacked. Basic WP though is apparently pretty safe. Anyway, maybe give WordFence a try or setup a VPN and limit wpadmin logins to logins from the VPN IP address :slight_smile:

Yeah… I come from Joomla and never had a website hacked till now so the only defence I went live with was this;

Been using those guys Joomla plugins forever… they launched the WordPress version so I went with it… and got pwed.

now that website has WordFence and Sucuri, both free version… not sure if I should replace Sucuri with WP Cerber.
Sucuri free doesn’t have Firewall anyway… but I do liek that it tracks every change and file integrity… so I’m not sure.

Whats’ your experience?

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BTW LiveAgent is back on AppSumo, it really is great.


I like to live dangerously. No security plugins. Just shared host security or firewall and strong-ish pws and/or wp-admin secured behind IP whitelisting (VPN).

Here, have a coke. No charge. Then we can talk about plugins…

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…so you should buy virusdie afterall…
look at this gem from their TOS.

Haha good that I didn’t buy lol^^ Anyway I might buy AIO WP Migration Unlimited license + (S)FTP plugin. Back until version 6.xx?! you could hack into the code and lift their 512MB limit for free versions but no longer. And it’s really just one click wp website + db + changes URL if new website and avoids upload limit issues by uploading in chunks. Might go for the Direct Option instead of S(FTP) though depending on when they release a manual with a preview for it. This can move sites by just installing the plugin on source site and destination site without you needing to upload any backup from your pc. It directly pulls it from source site instead. .

Can’t you do that already with UpdraftPlus Free version?

I like to use the Akeeba guy backup solution, it never fails I can recreate a new site from a backup in a couple minutes…

I’ve been using Updraft Free so far. It’s probably the best free backup software available. While it is probably the best free software out there it doesn’t change to new URL for free (iirc) and AIO WP is really just one click backup, one click restore. It’s just a different workflow. Manual migration is just as easy. Only reason why I’d buy AIO WP is its convenience, really. I would have also opted for Updraft Plus Premium at some point but updates are not included and AIO WPs rating isn’t half bad either.

I think what you are referring to (url change) is covered by the free version of akeeba backup.
I used it and it does have some url changes as its last restore step, caught me by surprise because it’s simply not needed with Joomla.

Take this one for a spin.

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Will give it a look some time :stuck_out_tongue:

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