Linux 5.6 Kernel : some nice new features

  • WireGuard in the mainline
  • Faster EXT4 writes
  • Multi Path TCP
  • F2FS data compression
  • USB4 support
  • Intel server power management improvements

Read up here :

Multi Path TCP



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How many more CIS HET males have been removed from the mainstream? This is IOMPORTANT TO ME.

The neckbeards went either extinct (no kids) or left Linux for the different flavors of BSD.

I am excited for WireGuard :slight_smile:


Some say you can still hear their cries of “systemd” into the late hours of the night. An intractable torment that drove them all mad with despair and rage. “SysV” they once would cackle, “SysV!!!” but it was no more.


I like runit. I mean, it’s djb inspired and all…

I was just about to post about this, since I read about it today:

This is really exciting! It’s taken a very long time to get to this point :slight_smile: I imagine we’ll start seeing embedded devices (routers, etc) with WireGuard support since the core functionality is directly in the kernel now.

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Still no unity game engine in the linux kernel? Or is that supposed to be part of the next systemd?

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5.6 merge window ends today, so RC1 should be out soon.

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