LiquidWeb Purchases Interworx

What? They have clients thus worth buying?.. da fk…

There’s a lot of revenue, though. You can easily stack 100 WordPress users on a Hetzner CX-41. That leaves quite a lot of profit.

Depends on how busy those sites actually are and how much you can offload to caching.

What if you have someone with 100 active people at a time on a busy wordpress site that can’t be cached (every single user is logged in, lots of ugly queries, etc)? They’re suddenly having to give them enough hardware to make the concurrent user count happen.


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Sure, though chances of that happening are very slim. If it happens, however, you need to scale out the node that’s under load and that should be a pretty simple thing to do. Admittedly, it’ll cost you a bit more money but on the bright side there’s many folks that’ll buy this service and only have few active users, so the loss you generate on the one that actually has 100 active users is consumed by the many others who don’t.

I dunno, Nexcess was always a ‘super managed’ sort of company. They’ll wipe your butt for you type deal.

People that go to them are more or less offloading their entire sysadmin/provisioning/etc department to them so they charge a very high premium for that.


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I had no clue about that and since I run a software development business, I can’t really say I have a lot of experience in this particular field. I reckon I’m probably just looking at this from a technical point of view, i.e. I’m perfectly fine managing my own stuff so I don’t need their support anyway.

If they truly come with awesome support then that might very well be worth the price tag for some companies. Prices of SLA’s never cease to amaze me.