Looking for a /24 Subnet

Not sure if this is the right section but we are looking for a /24 subnet that is hostable in the USA. We prefer contracted monthly payment (can do longer later on) but are looking for a long term relationship.


You can have 192.168.100/24 for free. Portable anywhere using RFC3022

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That was very funny.

Why choose /24 if you can have a full /33

I got plenty laying around for free, and i can assure you they were never blacklisted

Are there only trolls here?

nope, just a bit of mocking before i deliver the real deal

you can go here and here

Both links wrong. He’s looking to rent.

I would suggest you go to LowEndTalk’s AIO IP thread and ask for an ARIN /24. Lots of people who can provide this hang out there. Something in the $60 - $110/m range is what you should expect to pay.

Off the top of my head, HostUS.us can offer this.


Finally a serious reply. Thank you very much.

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HostUS has new space soon, so they should be able to provide for ya.

If you’re interested in a dedicated server with the /24, let me know. QuickPacket can definitely help you out. We currently offer services in Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

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If you buy, you keep control

I might be interested in that. I will send you a private message.