Looking for AX-41 NVME

If anyone is dropping this, I’ll take it.
I’m looking to avoid paying the setup fee.

Not sure if it’s still around since there are no further updates.

Perhaps you could just ask him.

I asked them for the updated price, thanks

@Shu You can also always check in the “Marktplatz” (marketplace) on our customer discussion forum: https://forum.hetzner.com/ If you go there and get an account, look for the “Community” section of the forum, and then “Marktplatz”. This is a specific part of our forum just for server transfers. The ones with “[B]” stand for “bieten” = “offering”, and the ones with “[S]” stand for “suchend” = “looking for”. Of course, feel free to write your message in English. Even though most of the readers on our forum are German speakers, they also speak English. --Katie


Hi Katie,
That was the first place I checked out but no one seems to be offering AX 41 or 51 NVMe. Everyone’s dropping their EXs

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Good to know, wasn’t aware of this, Thank you.
I’m also usually the “mug” who pays setup fees :slight_smile:


Awhhh i am one day late i would have done it for you i had 2 spare.

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