Tibia was kind of fun!

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I find it depends on the class/build… It gets quite frantic when I use a glass cannon caster build. But the combat style is definitely a personal preference thing and one of the most important things to consider when getting into a new MMO.

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Tibia was <3

Tbh I don’t mind action combat. But of all action combat I’ve encountered ESO felt the most sluggish. Atleast to me :S

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I just loaded up Neverwinter for the first time since '15 on the Xbox One. Next thing I knew an hour had passed… I only got from level 4-7 but still.

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Good ol’ Neverwinter nights.

They don’t make those kind of games anymore. Well, I suppose Pillars of Eternity is the spiritual successor but it’s sad that it’s become a somewhat of a niche game.

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Anyone know Mabinogi?

Luckily for me I haven’t completed this one yet but as soon as I do I will also complain about the lack of decent follow ups or competitors. Just hit level 13. What even is the max?

I am a huge fan of them as well, the shame for me is that its next to impossible to just be a casual player these days and actually have any chance of advancing so I end up wandering around solo for hours/days and giving up.

As such I end up playing overwatch and fps games more and more because I can pick them up and put them down at will.

I did stray a bit and picked up RUST a year or so (maybe more) ago, I did enjoy that, I like the fact that you dont disconnect, you just need to find a safe place to sleep until you logon again.

I also prefer text over voice but that is not a deal breaker, maybe we should pick a game and setup a community server, happy to contribute.


sad story

Try Elder Scrolls Online. Great MMORPG, all quests with sound/voiced quest givers and nice story. In ESO you can go anywhere you want from the start. The zone (enemies, quests, loot) will always adapt to your level. Same happens when you group up with high level friends that played 100 hours more than you. Everything is being scaled when you are in a group so everyone gets adapted loot/quest etc.