[MXroute] Black Friday deals!

Damn, tempted to switch my half priced cyber Monday 2017 deal to these…

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Any chance the 100GB plan can be provisioned on the London server?

Afraid not, it’s the hardware that allowed it to happen. Hetzner has such great deals on hardware :slight_smile:


So that means these are servers in Germany, or are the Hetzner ones in the US?

All in Germany for this. Though, I do have more in Dallas coming soon.



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I assume he means Cyber Monday :wink:

Oh yeah that’s a thing isn’t it…

I’ll deal with that Sunday lol

I have a forum and all the activation emails of new users are falling in the SPAM box. Acquiring this service would it be possible for MXROUTE to take care of my email submissions?

PS: sorry if my question is strange. I’m not an expert, I just want to solve my email problems.

I could curse, stamp my foot and say “But I just picked up the pre-black friday deal”, but instead I’m going to say THANK YOU for bring back last years offer for less than before and on a German server which is nice and close to me.

I will pick up a plan when I wake up in 6 hours … 240 packages shouldn’t sell out in that time …


Do not do this, buy soon so you do not miss the promotion.

Yeah but its 2:30am and I need to be awake in 4 hours to get my kids up and out the door! yawn


Possibly. I have dealt with forums before that were excessive in the emails that they sent, and also very spam-like in the emails they sent (regardless of not actually being spam). Post notifications are actually a big hit against your sending reputation in some cases, but activation emails are not so bad.

Another issue I’ve run in to are forums that send excessive emails (usually post notifications) to invalid recipients as the user’s email addresses were never confirmed to be legit. This decreases domain sending reputation.

It may also be true that so many emails of your have been sent to spam folders that working your way out requires more than just switching to MXroute for email.

Yet, still, it could be true that switching to MXroute solves all of your problems. I work my butt off to give you clean IPs and a solid path to the inbox :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks for the explanation. I hired the 5GB package, I believe that is enough for my needs. I have faith that everything will work out. My forum and MXRoute will be the perfect sync.

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Off topic, but Eagle is super fast now :smiley:

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Excellent! Those 2TB SSDs should serve it well.


It’s sad that renew of old offers does not give the same benefits of soft limits.

It’s all just words to discourage use by someone who should be paying hundreds per month to send their emails.

Seems like it’s time to replace my earlier 1G/$7 deal with the new 5G/$5.
Cheers Jarland!

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Wow, great deal. Had to get one even though I got the pre-BF one! :slight_smile:

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