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I bet DMCA for a movie.
There is also small chance of slowing the server with shitload of IOPS

I am also curious what happened.

It’s not a fucking difficult thing to figure out. He got DMCA’d for a cunt running torrents.

Still, I am curious what movie was it. Maybe it’s a great movie worth to see in cinema.

Paramount Pictures, send us a guy from IP-Echelon.
Dora and the Lost City of Gold, not one of my favorites.


Imagine ending up in jail for illegal distribution of “Dora”.

And your fellow heavy boy inmates asking you what you got sentenced for.

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That’s why I have all the respect for @Neoon and people like him who run a free service like this. If you’d end up in jail bc of some **** random person that would just be shit.

DE + US restocked.


State of ze Nano.

Just wanna publish a new update, regarding the new features + updates.

Yesterday, I dropped a new update, which counts to the essential stuff, it was long overdue, so to speak.
Enables the user to VNC into his machine + select a ISO of his choice and change the boot order.

So, stuff like reinstall your OS can now be done anytime, by the user himself. has been added also on all nodes, which contains a large section of OS’s you can install anytime + the already existing iso’s.

This also should, reduce the support requests, less work for me, nice.

As you may or may not know, the nodes are running Proxmox.
Currently still Proxmox 5.x with Debian 9.11.

The plan will be, to update these in the following months to Proxmox 6.x and Debian 10.
So far, no major API changes, everything works as expected, so there should not be a big downtime to be expected.

Upgrades will be announced, a few weeks in advance.

That’s it for now.


NL is now up & running, thanks to
Spec’s are the same, up to 1GB Memory, except SSD and /80 IPv6.

DE, NO still OOS, FM has 2 slots left.


Thanks for your feedback, regarding the updated control panel.
I deployed a new patch, which addresses the problems which have been reported.

If you have further suggestions, lemme know.

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NL Restocked.

Hey, have a good day!
How do i reinstall os or install other os?
I saw ISO option, chose Ubuntu and nothing happened :(((((((((((((((

That’s not how it works.
You need to select the ISO, then change the boot order to CD-ROM, afterwards you restart the VM and connect over VNC for example with Remmina and you can install the OS by yourself.


Thank, i got it !

Dang, well that rules me out. I’m like a ghost flitting in and out.

Preannouncement, We will reboot the DE node soon, since Hetzner has set us a deadline, to change the MAC of the VM itself, due to prior hardware change we had still the old MAC in usage.

We will reboot the DE Node Today at 21:00 GMT, the reboot should only take a few minutes.

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Hi neoon!
This is my token
Basically, vpn and testing! Maybe a low traffic personal blog!
Thanks in advance

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Have you read the requirements ?