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I replied to you, with “Deployed,” the Page states that you have to bookmark it.
So you ask me again, why did I not get anything?

So I replied “I told you its Deployed”, and I remind you, to read the page again and you take it offensive…
That was not meant to be offensive in any way.

ok then

thanks for the explanation

I updated the site, that should make it more clear:


Regarding LT, the System went read only, I suspect the 320GB HDD has reached EOL.
They are working on it.

LT, is now back up, everyone who had a VM on the node, got a PM with the new login information.
We got 6 slots left for now.

I took a bit longer then expected, since LT runs now on a new network configuration.
NY, will be also up soon.

New York, Buffalo has been deployed.
Thanks to

Due to the lower clock speed and performance per core, you get 2 cores assigned.
IPv6 is available thanks to a BGP tunnel, since native is not deployed yet, sadly.

Next on the agenda, would the v6 for Finland, which is planned to get deployed this weekend.
A quick reboot + IPv6 configuration will be displayed inside the panel.

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Gonna be a little difficult in a CC DC. Or do they run their own net?

CC does not have it now, but DataWagon does run its own hardware for a HE tunnel.

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I would like to test my web code on my own server token e1638318e348520b9ae93fdebbca2504f27bf862

The Requirements to get one

  • Existing account since 3 months, here on Hostballs
  • Active account (you need to have a decent amount of recent posts)
  • You need to have 50 posts before you apply

@Neoon I can sponsor a VDS in the Netherlands with /64 Ipv6

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Thanks for the Offer, Donations are welcome.
It mostly depends on how long you plan to sponsor it and what specs it got.

Can you send me a message, with the specs. So I can take a look?

I like to test my Programs I code and sometimes its very helpfull to have a Server to test this programs

Token: 3b3590c70c39df85aa694971138a89fea0d86df4

Read the requirements.

Regarding Finland, we plan to discontinue, this location.
Every user on this node, is invited for a migration to Germany, on a new NVMe node.

Anyone affected will get a PM, of course you can choose any other available location.


Did @Yes pull the trigger on the i9-9900k? :stuck_out_tongue:


All or nothing.

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We are looking issues in LT, it will be down for a short maintenance.

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Nuremberg, Germany, is live, was a bit different since time, since everything now runs slabbed inside a bigger KVM.

CPU 1x Intel® Core™ i9-9900K
Memory: up to 1GB
Storage: 10GB NVMe (Raid 1, capped at 450MB/s)
Uplink: 75Mbit (unmetered FairUse)
IPv6: /80 is available

Everyone who is still on Finland will be contacted in the next days for the migration.

Thanks to @Yes for the upgrade.


HAProxy support has been now Deployed on all Locations, including Port 80 forwarding and Port 443 TLS passthrough.
Which means your TLS connection wont be terminated by HAProxy just forwarded to your VM.

You can add the Records inside the NanoKVM Panel, it takes up to 60 minutes before the rules go into affect.