New Raspberry Pi 4 Is Now Available

I’d like to see two ethernet interfaces. But, never… is an event in time and space that won’t happen to be.


There’s some SBCs out there that have that :slight_smile:


I’d seen that sbc db before.
Would be nice to have some extra tweaks to it to make it be :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


With the USB 3 and separate ethernet chip, you could use a USB nic if you only need 100Mbps


Using an USB NIC is wonky.

…says the {Pi user} to the crowd…

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Wonky for what? Using a £34 SBC for anything critical / serious is wonky :wink:


I only ever used 3 USB NICs, they all died within a month or so :stuck_out_tongue:

Raspberry Pi is going from green to red… is it because Eben Upton likes red, or because of RPi logo?





Looks like any Pi is great for making ice lollies on the connectors

Raspberry flavor, of course :lollipop:

Well, if you to use the GUI, allocate at least 256MB to the GPU.
Do not allocate to much or the Pi wont boot anymore.

Yea and the heat, get heat sinks, even the raspberry pi case gets really hot and under load it its about to throttle and overheat.

I do recommend getting the 4GB if you want to use it GUI related.

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Did you watched LTT with this fucking OIL TANKER on the table?
You do not wanna do that, NO.
Really no, to much work for little results, better use LIQUID METAL.

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better use a bigger tank, Pi 4 runs hotter

Mineral oil does not conduct electricity, but it’s not a good heat conductor either, meaning the PI will get hot inside the mineral oil. It needs a fan to move the oil inside that tank and cool the oil from the walls of the tank.

Regarding liquid metal, I would say someone should try liquid hydrogen too.

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or, just…

Too much moisture, the power bank needs to be changed at few hours, wireless is out because case is metal, there is always the danger of someone dropping it or spilling milk over it in the morning when housemates barely open their eyes for breakfast.

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I love my Pine case (and the Pine) for that reason; the whole case is a heat sink. :slight_smile:

Same with APU boards. The metal case comes with a thermal pad to fit to the CPU and the whole case works as a heat sink.

It works too, my Pine (ROCK64) is overclocked and has at least one core permanently pinned (reading bus input), in the summer it sits at around 54C.