NexusBytes - Cyber Monday Clearance Deal - SSD/NVMe/Resource Pool and more - 48 Hours Flash Sale

Hoping for a reseller hosting sale in NYC tomorrow hint, hint

Hey handsome!
2020 Q1 would be my year of shared hosting :).

Still can’t decide between Cpanel vs DA tbh and a website refresher is pending too.

Want my 2 cents? As much as DA is great, cPanel is still the industry standard. It’s premium, now more than ever. No refounds on the 2 cents.

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As a user and reseller, I much prefer DA now. It’s still a few annoyances, and would love to see JetBackup work, but there’s a lot of small annoyances and weirdness in cPanel, too … One just gets used to them.
(Details like all these extra subdomains you get, that you never wanted …)


Stick with cPanel while starting out as it is a tried and tested platform with a lot of demand for it. Eventually, as you grow, offering DA as a second option wouldn’t entirely be a bad idea to capture the some percentage of the remaining market.


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I mean, boss, I offer DA hosting for free, better than charging $1/year for it :joy:.

I just feel like DA is not mainstream enough for “professional” hosting (not budget).

True, and that’s what I meant. Your average shared hosting customers have gotten used to cPanel like M$ Windows. So, it might be a good to start with it and make some money off it for as long as there is demand. FWIW, cPanel also scores big when it comes to reliability, security via proper package management and general UI/UX too.

For web agencies, or slightly more advanced users, directadmin and even apnscp could become decent alternatives down the line. But, try and cross that bridge when you get there :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: If you really are looking to get into cPanel based hosting, start with good hardware (Read: NVMe + Ryzen / EPYC). Top that up with Cloudlinux, Immunify360, Litespeed and Mailchannels. Offer generous RAM, CPU, I/O limits and you’d have a winner :smiley:


From a user/reseller perspective, what would I miss in DA, that cPanel offers – except the upcoming JetBackup? :slightly_smiling_face:
(Just curious, I don’t miss anything except a better backup option.)

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