NexusBytes : Switcher Special+Free Window+Free Blesta+FamilyPerk - USA(NYC/Miami/LA)&EU(Germany)

Dear Friends and Family,

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Staying in and being quarantined isn’t fun for many but also a blessing for a lot (introverts, I am talking to you). But this is also the perfect time to kick start your project, that you have been holding off for who knows how long.

If you are looking to kick start your project, why not do it with a VPS, that is powered by Bad Ass AMD RYZEN CPU and blazing fast NVMe storage?

To top it off, we are also offering some solid Switchers Special and Contract Buyout offer to switchers, where you can get up to 4 months of free services :slight_smile:

Premium Ryzen and NVMe powered KVM VPS Starting @ 2/mo (with annual commitment):
Configure and order here.

Premium Ryzen and NVMe powered Reseller Pool , with WHMCS Module starting @ $6.40/mo :
Configure and order here.

Cold Storage VPS for backups . Starting @ $3.20/mo (with annual commitment):
Configure and order here

Special 5% discount code for Existing Family Members , because family first!
Coupon code : FamilyFirst

We got something for everyone :slight_smile:

Checkout our Family Perks :


30% of your overall purchases is donated to COVID-19 Relief fund.


FYI, some shared and reseller hosting offers just went live :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the shameless bump.


Hi Fam,
Limited coupon code: MissedEaster is available, with super small qty left for signups with any of our standard plans above 0.5G. 40% discount for life. Valid 1 per account, not stackable with any other promos.

Only applicable to monthly signups.

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