Personal Side Projects

Curious to see what people are working on…

PenTest Box - Raspberry Pi 3 flashed with kali, primarily to test my home and work networks for practice really.

What are you working on?

Right now I’m working on a small GeoDNS project. So far I configured 9 web servers and 1 DNS server. Two DNS servers are yet waiting to be configured as slaves.

So far I’m stuck on dividing ACL list for United States as it’s considered as a whole (“US”). Has anyone any ideas? In the worst scenario I’ll do round-robin for US on a separate server.

If anyone could visit and report beck to which server he got redirected and where he is connecting from that would be great!

PS. Mason, if you are reading this - forgive me!


Germany - connecting from Norway.

Missouri. Connecting from Germany.

Germany, connecting from Germany.

I thought that I’d point out that your crypto pricing is wildly off, are you still working on it or something?


Missouri. Connecting from South Africa.

Missouri. Connecting from Germany

Sounds good. Sadly, I don’t have any server closer to Norway. (…or maybe UK would do better? What do you think @daffy?)

As for you guys… You seem to be grouped in the “others” group, which responds with two A records - Netherlands and Missouri. It’s 50/50 which one your browser chooses. Could you please check if your IP falls under your country in the MaxMind ACL list and PM me?

My bad forgot that I was connected to USA. I have 2 wifi at home which my phone switches on the go. One is German (normal) wifi. One is my asus routers wifi with openvpn usa ip to unblock flix. Seems like I was connected to usa wifi when doing the test. Switched to german wifi and it showed Germany. All good.

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Missouri, connecting from Portugal, Vodafone. <.<

Netherlands- but only after a timeout.

I’ve got a few vehicular projects, and some Arduino-based things that I’ll probably never get done…

Nah, most traffic to/from Norway goes through Sweden, Denmark and Germany/Netherlands anyway. Usually have a few ms less to those than to UK. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Swedish VPS from HostHatch (as memory serves). If you want me to run any network tests, I’d be happy to do so if you’ve got any interest in setting up a node there.

Thanks for the offer, but there is :smiley:

A personal project of mine that I started recently is an open-source distributed uptime monitor. I posted about it on LET to get some design opinions so you may have seen my ramblings there.

It’ll support:

  • IPv4 ping checks
  • IPv6 ping checks
  • HTTP response codes
  • SSL cert validations
  • TCP port checks
  • Steam game server checks

I’ve gotten most of the monitor client done, using Python and Sanic for RESTful endpoints. Now I’m on to writing up the task dispatcher / database mgmt code. And then eventually the front end. Been progressing slowly so this will likely take a good while before it’s ready for release, but the plan is to set up a free uptime robot-like service so we’ll see where it goes.

Monitoring client code is posted here:


Looks great, have a :star: :slight_smile:

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@MrPsycho It doesn’t work for me :frowning:

The site gets stuck loading and never redirects. I’m not sure if it’s down, but I’ll try again later.

Oh shit… :thinking: Let me know the IP you get from ping in PM