Privacy Aware Providers

Well, yes but the details can be faked, if wanted.
Even FraudRecord could fall for it, so without a payment method like verified paypal its a lot easier.

Besides, yes you can get preactivated verified paypal accounts somewhere… but still.
SMS verification, same stuff, getting a free sim, done.

I was thinking about, adding a Proxy check to the submit form, that could help a bit.

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Definitely true. Though, with the details being manually reviewed and verified, it’s pretty easy to tell when stuff is faked. And I automatically reject any apps submitted via proxy/vpn.

Expected as much. Sad to hear. Had much potential. Good luck with your projects to come though :slight_smile:

Not to speak of the one Story we had, you can run Ad’s on Gameservers.
My hope was, that these people at least Donate 10%.

No one did, we had like 5 People running Ad’s on the Gameservers.
One of them even made 30$ a month, from a free Gameserver.

The guy told me “I did not make 30$ in profit, since I spend it all”.
I was like broke after that.

TLDR: We disallowed Ad’s on all servers, suspended these ones, until it got removed.

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Sad story, actually. Free has to fight with lots of abuse. Manual verification definitely is a must unfortunately (which ruins the fun as it is more work for you for again nothing in return). There are forums like sponsorboard though where you could decide to support a certain project.

Our budget was low and we chose But for now the server is incredibly slow.


Pure coincidence.


Cheap. Fast. Reliable.

You can only have two.

Which loc?

Quick, someone register or something along those lines.

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Not sure how much of a reliable resource FraudRecord is. On the miss-characterization part.

Only as reliable as the company that reported it. Thankfully, FR provides the host that reported the incident so it’s easy to determine the validity of the entries.

Don’t really care if someone “abused” woothosting services, but if there’s an entry from BuyVM or BudgetNode or someone like that, I’d be inclined to trust the entries.

Ohh yeah, I didn’t intend to blame FraudRecord. But I’ve seen a thread or two in LET that suggest that FraudRecord is sometimes used for vengeance that is not really warranted.

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