Retro Computing - How We Survived

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One of my high school friends got pong for Christmas. I was envious. A few years later came those personal computers that had no fixed disk – the OS lived on a 5.25 inch floppy.

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Pure Nostalgia !

Play Wolfenstein 3D in your browser here

[ENTER] = select in menu
[SPACE] = open doors
[CTRL] = shoot

use arrows to move around
combine arrows with [ALT] to walk sideways

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This game haha. Used to start fights in the pool hall arcade near my school. If I was losing I would physically shove the guy next to me to throw him off. Most of the times it was my best friend Kev.


That $100 investment in 1995 would be nice payout today.

Any millennials here ? Want to know what the 80s was really like ?

Can’t get it more spot on than this :

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It was hard driving with a penis joystick.

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You feel me?

I don’t think you feel me…

Last one… Feel free to contribute.

Better than Catalina.


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@FootKaput Thanks. Now I have dysentery.

What was the biggest selling C64 Game ever?


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8/10 would still Fap to. You learned to be good at poker fast. Poker face replaced by O Face.

I raise you…

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