Router Sent Packet with Nothing Attached to It

This doesn’t stop the traffic flowing to the IP you’ve been assigned, does it?

Depends on how it’s done. I’m guessing the 150MB is ARP or other broadcast traffic.

Actually, I have nothing connected. So, nothing that can receive and keep the ip. Maybe the lease didn’t finish, but when I contacted the support, he seemed to the lease was like 6hours. Now it’s more 250MB per day.

I’m not sure if this can be link to the original issues, but I don’t think this is normal or at least this should count in my traffic.

Actually don’t have RPI, I will try to ask a friend for one.

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Try to enable Bridge mode in your router (if it supports) and connect directly from your PC PPOE dialer (depending upon what kind of connection you have ) and then check usage, in this way you will be even able to sniff all data/traffic easily and check what’s really happening

I contacted support of my ISP again about the data usage with nothing connected in the wall. It’s was a issues on their side. I was two port bind together. ( or something like that, I didn’t understand the explanation really well) . He was not able to say if this may have caused the original issues. I will test further when their issues will be fixed.

So your university uses ethernet hubs?

Don’t forget to sue for damages.

Yeah, but to be honest it’s residence hall and that part is sold to a private company. So University is not really at fault.

I don’t know if they tryed to fix the problem, if yes, it seem they failed to.