Thoughts on Lifetime Hosting?

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you talk business.

Which personality is this? Does he like Ouzo?

Well, you need to understand “Lifetime” Hosting.
It does mean it lasts until they bite the dust or you do.

Often you see a bloody asterix with 3 years or such.

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I might have another explanation for ‘lifetime hositng’, take it this way.

Re-search a company and think how much will it last. If they say they’re giving some product for 40$ / lifetime, my guess would be in 2-3 years. I’m paying 40$ for 2-3 years of service, fuckin’ worth it. : D

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You really buy lots of VPN :grinning:

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Lifetime hosting from most of stuff coming from ColoCrossing is about ~ 3-4 months

#Addict :S

Completely agree @Jarland!

Btw @404error, ty! :grin:

With similar throughput.