VirMach Is Upgrading All VPS to KVM

this is only business model that I can think of. convert idler ovz to kvm. renewal profit

Same lol I phased out the last of mine this last year cause I didn’t want to deal with OVZ anymore

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Probably the reason why they can do this. Everyone throw away their ovz vps. So, maybe not that much are left.

I was cancelled my pro+, should I cancell my cancel?
Umm :thinking:

Edit: I dont want to open a ticket brother anyone but I find I can cancel my cancel myself…

Asked myself the same thing since I have a few cancellation requests in for some stuff from last BF. Then I asked myself would I really even be using them if they were KVM instead of OVZ – pretty much no, they’d be idling regardless, so I’ll let them be cancelled I think.

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The question is what spec I will get…
I might replace another BOX.

Seems like it’ll remain the same specs, albeit with trimmed disk space (with option to increase, if needed, up to the full allocation). And if the RAM is <512MB, it’ll probably be raised to 512MB.

12usd/year for 3c2g50g… Too good to be true.

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Daddy VirMach never disappoints.

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What if all this is a April fool ?

From their location changes, you’re still (or going to be) on the CC network. Take that as you will.

I’ve still got a 8gb ram, 4 core, 100 gb, 4TB bw for $18 from Virmach 2017 BF. Been running much of my web stuff for the last couple years quite well :slight_smile:

I am not jealous because I don’t need that much :money_mouth_face:


They are apparently going to set the disk allocation to 1.5x what you’re currently using though maybe with a slight bump if that amount is small. I’ve had a $4/y 384mb ram 20gb disk openvz idling since 2 bf’s ago and am using around 1.2gb of disk so according to the +50% scheme I’d be getting 1.8gb allocation for the kvm that replaces it. I could opt for increase but given how it’s such a cheap special it doesn’t seem so nice. I do occasionally use it to stage a download though. And the main cost at their end of a plan like that must be the ip address.

IPs grow on trees in CC land :slight_smile:

The real question is, how much CC sponsoring Virmach ? I guess it’s represent a lot or Virmach have no way to be sustainable.

Virmach is not just CC, they have services with Server Hub in Europe.

I’ve got one of their servers in Chicago as well which hits then a couple hops i haven’t chased down. So yeah they do use at least a few other providers. So hopefully their magic makes them sustainable long term

None. Nothing. Zero. Stop with this shit.