VirMach's Free VPS Services: Exclusively For HostedTalk Members (Non-Recurring)

VirMach has a ton of empty servers right now due to a transition taking placing, where essentially all services at one time or another throughout 2022 will be upgraded to using Ryzen nodes. So for as long as any services on our website (excluding a few obvious things that would still cost us money such as cPanel licenses and domains, and low-stock service/location combinations) are absolutely free for HostedTalk members. This will expire when it is migrated to Ryzen and/or is no longer with our current provider (the C word which shall not be named.)


Requirements may change at any time, so please re-read this right before you want to apply for one.

Any of the following profile stats on HostedTalk will make you eligible for this offer, based on @imok activity levels except divided by the amount of time he’s been here to represent a version of him that’s existed for only a month, rounded.

  • 30 Days on HostedTalk

AND just one of the below but please don’t spam (edit: all requirements cut in half.)

  • 15 Days Visited
  • 3 Hours Read Time
  • 15 Topics Viewed
  • 500 Topics Viewed
  • 20 Likes Given
  • 1 Topics Created
  • 20 Posts Created
  • 20 Likes Received

Finally, to keep your service, just maintain some level of activity on HostedTalk. This will be checked no more than once a month, so as long as you do any of the following once a month, you’re good. If you believe this is too much for 30 days, then take it up with @imok and tell him to stop being so active.

If you become inactive, we will not immediate suspend your service, it will be set to require a payment 7 days later @ original price (which you can pay or decide not to pay, in which case it will terminate naturally.)

Any ONE of the following:

  • 15 Days Visited
  • 3 Hours Read Time
  • 15 Topics Viewed
  • 500 Topics Viewed
  • 20 Likes Given
  • 1 Topics Created
  • 20 Posts Created
  • 20 Likes Received

For now, please post what service you’d like here, and just make sure we have associated your VirMach email with your HostedTalk (you can private message it for now.) Let us know in your post what project you’ll be using it for, this is partially an anti-abuse and spammy behavior measure but it could also be interesting. For now, we will consider giving you more than one service if you need it and justify it accordingly. Your needs do not need to be non-commercial, as in it’s OK if you’re using it to your advantage to make money in some way as long as it’s abiding by our terms. We’ll probably make the process easier/more automated if this catches on or starts annoying everyone by being constantly bumped.

Oh, and this should not be used to replace a current paid service you have with us, and we reserve the right to not process your order if we believe something shady to be going on in one way or another (e.g, we start seeing one person trying to make like 50 VirMach accounts to get free services.)

Any questions, let me know. I’ll try to come back often and also update the original post with more information.


I’m not here all day.

Not even @Jarland is here all day.

Where is @WSS?

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But to be honest, this is the place where I come first when I need some help.


Wow, sweet offer!

Everything, everything? Dedi’s and all that fun stuff?

I mean, the title says “Free VPS Services” so prolly not the dedis. But :man_shrugging: who knows!?

Also, the SSD1G would be awesome for a Minio object storage backed notes app thingy I’ve been wanting to try


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Cool! Sadly, there’s no SG location.

I’ll honor dedicated servers where a VPS would not otherwise work out.

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awesome :heart_eyes:

I’m mostly a lurker here. Always browsing the site but not logging in with my account. I am applying for a free VPS, enough to host minecraft with 4-8 players. Would use it for my daughters and their friends.

Ask for a SSD256G.

All to @imok: stop replying!!! :sweat_smile: :peace_symbol:

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I have far too many idle VPS, but what makes me unhappy is how about fulfilling all the previous things first before adding infinite amount of giveaways, sales and stuff?

How many of us in the thread Hottest And Completely Bonkers Deals By VirMach. Psychotic Giveaway + Fireworks Caught This Thread On Fire + New Year Free VPS except @Daniel actually received their stuff? I believe none.

In addition, how many of us got the double stuff that you mentioned in the thread in OGF?

Nevermind, you keep doing whatever you want, giving all the promises, dates and times that never happened. If you really have a Ryzen service that’s running, show it, prove it, even a low specs at $10/m VPS I will buy it to show that you actually have got something running.

You can also just be clear and say: “Fuck it, I am not going to ship anything for you, I am not going to fulfil anything for you guys cheapskates” and I will keep my mouth shut and no longer hope for anything.

I don’t know how many times I have to say, but I support you to the best of my ability in OGF, but maybe I should join the C side because at least they fulfil stuff.


i also got it. due to availability problems, i got it as store credit (customs and shipping costs added :grin:)

Nice offer :slightly_smiling_face:
I am applying for a free STORAGE-1T, I’ll install seafile or nextcloud to backup my photos from google photo and backup my server and local pc

SSD2G should work well for this, any particular location?

These are low stock but I’ll see if I can fit you in.

There’s different levels of effort required for everything and some things can be independent from eachother. This offer is specifically for existing packages for a reason, they can easily be generated.

I think about 3 to 5 people got their stuff. @imok I know got his prize delayed due to misplacing his prize. Once it’s found it’ll be sent out but I have boxes and boxes of stuff and it’s buried somewhere unintended as we actually stopped using his prize and switched over to using other USB drives and the supplier stopped selling those specific ones.

Your prize was delayed because of where we communicated about it, I switched computers and forgot to set that Discord back up. I do apologize, I’m reviewing it now.

I forget the number here but about 10 people. I still haven’t found the original file so I may just start over. It’s difficult to maintain all this because I am already working from the moment I wake up until sleep, not exaggerating at all. People left our company when COVID happened simply because it was easier to collect unemployment benefits since they were boosted. Even if someone was making $20 to $30 an hour for a base-level job, it made more sense to them to just not work and get paid more by the government so I don’t blame them.

This was the same time other people quit for different reasons. We also got rid of outsourced support around the same time which was already planned, and we did already recovery from that portion with automations.

These are things I do not like to discuss a lot, but there’s also problems trying to get new hires when I have less time for training and the pool of applicants is smaller due to the rapid shifts that occurred in the industry. I’ve made very competitive offers to people who could actually drop in and do the work. However, they declined. Budgeting does exist and we’re just not in a position to pay any more than the set budgets for those positions. Again, our offers were extremely competitive but when someone can get offered more elsewhere right now as there are shortages, we just can’t get the people we need. And the people I know and trust to do a good job are busy with other freelance projects.

Here’s a fun article:

Short version is that just AWS has 19,000 open positions right now.

I’ll take a photo for you at the datacenter. For now, here’s a few photos of all the parts we have that we haven’t put into servers yet. There’s also a stack of prebuilt servers ready, I just don’t have it at this location. But we have so many parts it’s literally stacked to the ceiling. We have enough parts right now for about half the entire amount required, so we are good for all deployments into 2022. The second half would be by end of Q2 2022 so we will acquire it later.


SSD2G should work well for this, any particular location?

Atlanta would be great. Buffalo and Chicago would be fine too.

All set.

Anyone else who wants to apply for one, I know I put some requirements down but if you’re actually a HT user and I don’t get a flood of old accounts that are just here for the offer and nothing else, don’t be afraid to apply. I probably won’t be checking the requirements for the first group of these.

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Awesome! Thank you!