Web Hosting Control Panels

Hestia is a modified version of Vesta, too. Adding a file manager to it shouldn’t be the most difficult of sorts. You could add one from awesome self hosted and have ppl authenticate via their ftp or smth like that. Aside from that Hestia/Vesta is kept simple and swift :slight_smile:


Check out the Evolution theme of DA though :wink:


Virtualmin is another option (not in the poll list)

Virtualmin integrates perfectly with Webmin.

Every Virtualmin system will have a Webmin tab and a Virtualmin tab in the left-hand menu.

This selects between Webmin menus and Virtualmin menus. Webmin provides general purpose systems management features, such as user/group management, listing processes, managing installed packages, network settings, firewall settings, and more.

The Virtualmin tab provides access to domain account management functionality, such as creating new domain accounts, new databases associated with those accounts, installing applications, and more.

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I use my own developed Centmin Mod LEMP stack with shell based menu for 99% of my servers and only 1% use cpanel/WHM. Based on old cpanel pricing, I save ~US$27,000/yr using Centmin Mod LEMP stack vs cpanel. On new cpanel/WHM pricing, I’d save between US$36,000 - US$54,000/yr :sunglasses:

Really makes all the time and effort I put into Centmin Mod worth it :grinning:


The only reason I didn’t include Centmin Mod is because it isn’t a panel :stuck_out_tongue: Still an incredible accomplishment though, I love using it!


Why was VirtualMin left out?

Combined with WebMin one of the most comprehensive packages.


No love for CyberPanel? :kissing_smiling_eyes:


It has a premium/paid often which always makes me feel kinda insecure about it’s future cost-wise :smiley: But yeah it could be added to the list, I guess.


I just forgot about them when I made the poll haha. I can’t add anything to the poll without losing all of the existing votes.


Yeah totally understand why - no GUI in Centmin Mod - pure SSH with shell based text menu - not exactly the typical cpanel alternative :slight_smile:

Though I have a 2 yr old cpanel to Centmin Mod LEMP stack migration guide :slight_smile:


To clarify my choice in the poll :

ISPConfig as an alternative for Cpanel to end users

Personally, the combo of Webmin / VirtualMin, as it is just way more powerful and extensive.


Ajenti is nice, really easy to use and easy customize (it’s Python! <3).

However, it has been unmaintained for quite some time now and there is a lot of issues with it.

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I chose Webmin , in order to vote for Virtualmin.
Virtualmin is the ‘web-hosting package’ part.
and Webmin is the ‘system administration toolkit’ part (this was developed first, hence the naming)


I always get confused with the naming. Webmin should be the webhosting part :stuck_out_tongue:


ISPConfig! Going strong for years. Doesn’t require much attention, if any. It just works. DirectAdmin is also great, but simply more commercial.


Saw this on Twitter if anyone is interested.

In light of the recent #cpanel price hikes, we’re giving away 100 free licenses for #apnscp with activation code “cpanel-swansong”. Developed since 2002: includes 1-clicks, SMTP policies, resource enforcement, and health checks because y’know, it’s 2019



@Wolveix I tried APNSCP and it was nice. It really feels like solid software that can be used in shared hosting environment. It also has health self check built it running periodically. However the panel is definitely not lightweight, so it may not be the greatest for personal hosting on LE* servers.


Looks pretty cool…

I also liek that it can use CloudFlare as the DNS provider on its own…

But it does not allow for multiple PHP versions to run?

And another Edit: Support costs can add up quickly.

Low priority support

Low priority support is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 10 PM EST (-0500 GMT). All initiated requests will receive a callback within 24 hours during normal Monday-Friday business hours. Support is $49 for the first 30 minutes and $25 for each additional 30 minutes.

High priority support

High priority support is available 365 days a year at all hours of the day without blackouts. Support is guaranteed to turnaround and contact you within 1 hour of initiating a support request. The cost is $249 for the first 30 minutes and $125 for each additional 30 minutes.

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I feel like most of the well known panels are similar and there’s no best panel apart from cpanel right now because of the lack of addons/integration. I think the panels that manage to attract the most addon developers will gain the most customers from the cpanel fiasco.

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