What Would You Want to See in a HB Exclusive Sale?

Yeah, it does seem that way. HB right now is like a nightclub full of men and not many women, but that could be because, in this crazy hypothetical analogy, club HB plays the better music and colder drinks?

As for the asking around part, honestly, what I’m looking for is asking a provider to offer a deadpool special that wouldn’t be sustainable. I don’t know, sometimes just getting the price down as low as it can be is a fun game in itself, plus the benefit of extra monies, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what our i9 sale was. Not really a sustainable price point. We’ve done it also with $30 servers (E3-1270v3 and i7 3770) at times. Those barely cover the cost of power, let alone the space, bandwidth, support, hardware warranties, etc.

It can be an interesting proposition that sometimes leads into a potential customer trying out the business and eventually purchasing more servers, which is why even retail stores do this at times, have a loss leader. Once you’re in the store, there’s a chance you’ll buy something else.

We’re mulling over some options to make it into our first HostBalls sale. :wink:


super low price

$30 servers (E3-1270v3 and i7 3770)

you answered your question :wink:

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They’re coming…

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Something like this will be good :joy:

  • i7-3770 or E3-1270v3
  • 64G RAM
  • 1 x 480G SSD
  • 2 x 4T HDD
  • $30/m

That won’t happen unfortunately. Primarily because both of those CPUs can’t handle more than 32GBs of RAM. But also because 4TB are still commonly used, so they are not quite Clearance material.

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okay, if you feel like digging yourself deeper into it:

  • i7-3770 or E3-1270v3
  • 32G RAM
  • 1 x 480G SSD
  • 2 x 2T HDD
  • $29/m

it is then.


That $1 difference though… deal breaker.

Seriously though, 2TB HDDs, also not Clearance material (usually). I do have a ton of 1TB HDDs, and as it turns out, a lot of 1TB SSDs, so I’m throwing those in as relatively cheap options. Hopefully some of you will like them.

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2 x whatever disk is good.

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glad you noticed, that I tried to be fair :stuck_out_tongue:

and even more though: if the box comes with 2x1TB SSDs I don’t need HDDs at all :grin:

… this is gonna be interesting. I am afraid. hopefully you don’t come through with something like that. I don’t need anything in Dallas at all :man_facepalming:t2:

I do.

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but it does not save my wallet. only if you buy them all and be faster…

Stuff as many drives in as possible and sell them as cheap as possible.


Hmm, this hadn’t been suggested before my sale post so I didn’t include anything.

Do you need lots of drives for fast i/o or for amount of storage?

This is a little tricky because a lot of hard drives carry the assumption of drawing a lot of power, and likely using a lot of bandwidth, so it’s not very easy to make this very cheap.

Give me more info and perhaps I can help. Maybe knowing the application and/or expected traffic patterns could help.

For reference though, our largest chassis fits a maximum of 8 drives, so it’s not a ton. Even then, we only have >maybe< a dozen customers out of all of our customers that use more than 6 hard drives. I’d say easily 90% use just two drives.

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