What's Your Favorite Obscure/Niche Self-Hosted App?

Aha, you don’t need to, just rather not have all the branding, and I don’t like “hacking” things when they don’t want you to and have a paid option…

Yep, always a problem when products try doing too much at once, though if it makes sense and integrates nicely, I do enjoy having everything under one roof.

And there are other invoice options as well, also came across https://duetapp.com and https://theanchorapp.com, both from the same company, though I haven’t tried them much…

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I wholeheartedly agree, I’m switching to a paid license. Honestly just forgot about it after all this time…

As for having everything under one roof: I agree there as well. But from my experience, the main features of an application usually suffer from new features being added. But that’s just my experience. I’m so used to my tools by now I’d have a hard time switching anyway, unless it’s really good.

Looks pretty cool, though not having a database seems interesting - are you using this now?
Was looking for something like this for a while, and haven’t found something to my liking (yet)…

Not using it right now, but not needing a database was one of the PROs why I bought it back then. So easy to set up. Very swift and great performing :slight_smile:

I like databases… :wink:

What does it use then?

May as well buy a license if it works nicely, as long as the developer won’t drop off and pull the software, like my other 2 previous CodeCanyon purchases did… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PHP somehow I believe. Haven’t really looked much into the code tbh. It just works :slight_smile:

Bought it 2 or 3 years ago?! Still gets updates :slight_smile:

Personally I prefer just using File Browser. It’s very clean, performs incredibly well, and it’s free :slight_smile:

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But can you also play mp4/mp3 in browser and generate download links? Anyway, fwiw Veno has a very nice workflow imho :slight_smile: Not saying File Browser hasn’t (never used it)^^

Some nice stuff:

You can indeed! The interface is very similar to the one that Google Drive uses, which is very nice. I believe it also has most (if not all) of the features referenced in that image. Plus, the backend is written in Golang, which is certainly an advantage in terms of performance.

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I host a Matterbridge bot that bridges a Discord channel with an IRC channel (for users that can’t access Discord but can use IRC, vice versa). It also works with other platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitch, Telegram, Slack, etc.

Also, another +1 for searx. Never looked back once I set it up.


h5ai for directory listings. Example: https://d.ls/

Bitwarden if you like your password manager being in the cloud (as it makes it easy to sync across all devices) but want to self host it. Their entire stack is open source - both the server and the client.

Seafile for syncing files. It’s like Dropbox.

Tinc for creating a mesh VPN between all your servers. Easier to configure than OpenVPN, and faster since it’s a mesh. ZeroTier is a bit easier to configure, but it’s not truly self-hosted as you rely on some of their servers by default. Wireguard looks good but it’s more difficult than Tinc to create a meshed network.

I also use The Lounge. It’s really nice! The only disadvantage is that it’s built with Node.js, which means that CPU and RAM usage is relatively high.


I use Seafile to sync my KeepassXC DBs.
At the time, I felt this is the less ‘complex’ solution.

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Yep, same here. Keepass db synced via NextCloud.

But with all the Bitwarden hype, I might try that out and see all that it offers.

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I totally dug BW, but I didn’t like that when containerized it completely took over nginx. If it’s running on the host you have to stop your webserver or it won’t run. So Basically I would need a VPS to have a password manager. Deal breaker for me. SAD!


One should go with Bitwarden_rs rather than the official Bitwarden application. Much better in terms of resource usage, and easy to run as a container.


I use keepass hosted on a WebDAV share. It works for me but I might take a look at bitwarden there seems to be a lot of love…


Do it! It’s great! :smiley:

As @Solaire mentioned, you should check out running the rust implementation via Docker.


Just keep in mind that this unofficial server hasn’t gone through a rigorous security review like the official server has (https://blog.bitwarden.com/bitwarden-completes-third-party-security-audit-c1cc81b6d33). It’s likely still secure, particularly since all the data is encrypted client-side, you just don’t get the same confidence vs a codebase that has been audited by a third-party security firm.

Their regular server does use a lot of resources as it’s designed to scale up to installations with a lot of users. I’ve got a mostly unused VPS with 8 GB RAM so was considering setting it up on there. I’m currently using LastPass but I keep hearing good things about Bitwarden.


Damnit! Now I’ll never know!!


Will do tonight, thanks chaps! Keepass is cool, and the FF extension helps, but BitWarden is just so dang sexy.