WHMCS 7.8 Feedback

FYI to everyone,

MyWorks Paypal Billing Agreements do not work on 7.8.

REMINDER: Our PayPal Billing module isn’t yet compatible with WHMCS 7.8 (and we note this in our changelog). WHMCS 7.8 includes major changes for how payment tokens are stored in WHMCS - called Pay Methods. Any WHMCS gateway that uses tokens for recurring payments will need to be redeveloped to support these Pay Methods.
We’re already in the process of redeveloping our gateway to support WHMCS 7.8, and we’ll be sending out a notification to all our users once this is complete.
We didn’t assume a notification of this would be necessary to our users, but a concerning amount of users have already upgraded to WHMCS 7.8 with no testing on a staging site first, no backups, and no thought given to how Pay Methods on WHMCS 7.8 would affect their gateways.

It’s supposedly a multi month wait for them to have support.



I mean… it might help if they released shit that worked. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.


As a programmer, I expected you to wave your hands in the air spastically and scream “THE FRAMEWORK IS THERE! PULL YOURSELF UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAP.JS!”

I would be very skeptical in upgrading to 7.8.2. The recent WHMCS releases have been hectic. Even after 7.8.2 people are complaining in WHMCS community.

7.7 still has some pretty significant bugs too.

What have you been seeing?


One that I keep running into is when adding an addon, it doesn’t populate the billing cycle regardless of what you select. The field is blank. You have to go back and edit the addon and change the billing cycle, and manually update the next invoice date.