Apache tunning script debian 10?

Someone can recommend a script like mysqltuner for Apache 2.4 - debian 10.
i’m using myvestacp

What indications do you see that you need to tune something? Sendfile + Event MPM is a good baseline. Most of your hangup isn’t coming from Apache but whatever Apache proxies the request to (PHP, Ruby, Python, Node, etc).

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The first thing to tune is to get rid of VestaCP.

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I tried cyberpanel but was more slow than myvesta loading non-cached php sites with OLS, i reverted everything back to myvesta again and have no issues.

I’m running default config of myvesta apache is event mpm and sendfile on on nginx.

My problem (i’m not sure) is i have a script wich take long to run (1-2min) then when i have large requests on it (100 users online+) this slown down all my sites.

i don’t think is resouce problem since im running a E3 1275V5 dedicated on hetzner with nvme and my load average is: 1.89, 1.62, 1.11 with traffic

That script is a candidate to run as a cronjob with priority decreased to 20 or so, so as not to contend with available resources. 1-2 minutes is a very long time for a script to run. What does this script do? Is it computing or mostly waiting on IO? Any sort of contention can affect the ability for other requests to be served.

Load average is a misnomer, it’s run-queue size: how many parcels of work are waiting to be answered by the scheduler. If you have a 4 cores (grep cores /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l) then 1.62/4 means your CPU is only 40% saturated, not a big deal.