Apps for Notes. Looking for an Evernote Alternative

I’ve been using Evernote for a long time but I think its’a time to change. I have some issues when I paste code (characters changed) and I can’t sync my notes to multiple devices (I have around 5 devices).

I’ve found Standard Notes. Any review? Do you know another simple app that can replace Evernote? I mostly need fast text search, synchronization with pc, macos and android, and embedded images (but not necessary).


For multi-platform there’s also - haven’t used it in awhile though, so not sure if it has the features you need, but it was one of the first in note syncing way back and completely free (owned by Automattic - WordPress folks)

I’m currently using Bear which is amazing, but it’s Mac & iOS-only I believe.


Love simplenote!
Probably will get some grief for this, but Google keep rocks.

Both look amazing! Thank you!

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OneNote is pretty good. Primarily use it because of work…

Personally I wish notepad++ would come with cloud sync.

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I just use Nextcloud notes tbh

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Little bit of a necro on the thread here, sorry, but I have been catching up on past threads. I used for a while and have recently switched to with nexctloud sync and versioning. Both are markdown based.

Been using Nextcloud with Qownnotes for desktop and Nextcloud Notes on Android from F-Droid.
I tried Laverna and Turtl with self hosted servers, Turtl is ok, but Laverna is difficult on Android.

Onenote is nice for quick notes about random stuff. Similar to turtl if I remember, just turtl is encrypted, right? I use Sublime Text for my quick notes about random shit and then if needs to be kept I move it to qownotes.

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Yep, Turtl is encrypted, and you can store pics/notes/bookmarks/urls/files with it. It’s pretty versatile. But for simple notes it’s a bit overkill.

I am stillusing OneNote heavily. My understanding is that’s it’s encrypted in the cloud.
However I am using LastPass notes for sensible stuff… not sure how smart that is…

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OneNote and self hosted keepass for me

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I’ve discovered Notion yesterday, a simple & powerful tool to create simple notes, todo list, and even more advanced tables/databases/calendars.


Ohhhhhhh. I am gonna check that out

Looks incredible! I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Looks good, but it’s too much.

I will stay with Standard Notes :grin:


At the moment I use:

  • Google Keep for personal notes
  • VeraCrypt synced to Seafile for sensitive things (GPG secret keys, encryption keys for backups, etc)
  • Microsoft ToDo and OneNote at work (as it’s approved by IT for corporate use - of course, we can’t store company data using any web apps that haven’t gone through a security review). I use ToDo for to-do lists, and OneNote for other random notes. The ToDo Windows app is actually quite nice.

Keep is very basic, but it works well for my simple use cases. OneNote is fully featured and good if you want something fancier.

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Love OneNote but “text boxes” that you can drag all over get messy over time…
…I guess its one of those features everyone loves but there’s that one guy (me) that hates it.

I’ve been using Joplin some the last week, looks interesting. Can sync to a number of things like webdav, dropbox, onedrive, etc.