ATTN Providers: Gathering Offers For a July 4th Deal Thread

Greetings HostBallers and non-HostBallers alike! To celebrate American Independence Day (on July 4th), I am in the process of gathering offers from both server and service providers that will be coalesced into an awesome deal thread. I don’t believe we’ve had one here for quite some time (maybe since last Black Friday), so it should be fun!

If I reached out to you via PM, feel free to fire back an awesome deal that you think we’ll like. I’ll be compiling all the offers and put them in a single deal thread that will go live this Thursday (July 4th). If I missed you or if you are not currently registered on HostBalls (hello lurkers!! :slight_smile:), feel free to send me a PM if you’d like to participate! All that I ask is that the deal you submit is different than your usual offerings (limited quantity specials are welcome!).

If your favorite providers aren’t a member here or don’t post here that often, feel free to link them to this announcement and invite them to partake in the festivities! I’m hoping we are able to gather a large amount of sweet, juicy offers, so any help in achieving that would be much appreciated!

Thanks Everybody and Happy HostBalling!

HostBalls Admin