Hottest And Completely Bonkers Deals By VirMach. Psychotic Giveaway + Fireworks Caught This Thread On Fire + New Year Free VPS

Mine is also experiencing the same.

Cpu steal constantly at 4-6%.

I’ m on Piscataway, NJ

Let me know what answer you get. I have one box on NYKVM20 though that bounces between 5-15% steal pretty regular.

What does the steal metric mean?
How much steal is unnoticable? :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert so when I make statements that sound like I might know what I’m doing please keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Steal is time where my VPS was asking for resources and told no by the hypervisor. If the resources were dedicated you wouldn’t see any steal at all so to an extent steal is how oversold the resources are. A certain amount is obviously expected if nothing else if two people happen to burst at the same time. How much %steal is noticeable? I’d say it depends on what you’re doing with the box. The box I’m talking about is effectively idle ( it’s just running top ) so 10-15% steal isn’t noticeable - just ugly. :wink: For comparison my several other Virmach boxes idle at less than 2% steal on average.

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I’m quite illiterate when it comes to discourse but let’s give this a trying, providing a mass reply.

Steal percentage is abnormally high in what you provided, and the node is actually not having have problems with CPU whatsoever, on a macro scale. Definitely make a ticket and mention your reply here so it goes to me directly.

I’d like to know what’s up with that since it’s not tripping any alarms otherwise. For reference, CPU usage on this node is a steady 50% on what I believe to be 2x E5-2670v2.

On NYKVM20C the “C” stands for it’s, unfortunately, slower CPU than most our other servers. Bad luck there, it’s just a weird transition server that’s newer and therefore not phased out but lower-core server. The usage on that is therefore less than ideal, it should have honestly been locked off a little bit sooner but you got extra unlucky there because perhaps it got locked off right after you went on it. Would make more sense if you got it earlier as a part of a special and perhaps we estimated usages wrong on that specific server since the black friday special is one big burst of sales on a particular server.

As for the network, unfortunately, that might just be classic ColoCrossing. It’s not getting any better. If anything in our opinion it’s been getting worse and our push-backs for improvement are widely ignored.

Private message me here if you want a migration with your service IP and support pin (and hopefully I’ll check your support pin in a timely manner) and I can try migrating it. IP will change, there will be some downtime. This is only offered to whoever I quoted above. Everyone else, if abnormal high usage continues you should automatically receive some notice from us to potentially move if your usage is also high.

If you’re at least 1 year member of HT, private message me and we can maybe still make it happen for like 11~ months instead of 12 for you, free.

Yep, some steal is expected but we strive to make sure it never goes into the double digits. We don’t really have a rule of thumb or cutoffs, but of course, if someone contacts us on a free special and mentions 1-3% steal time without citing any real-world negatives we might not be keen to move you over.

This might be on the border of acceptable given the situation and depending on whether that’s on idle or not, but if it bothers you let me know and we can take a look.

Alright so 69 comments, 70 including this one. I’m going to randomly select a few numbers. If you don’t believe me that it’s random, then assume it’s not random if that makes you feel better but I’m not doing a livestream to “prove” it. We’ll assume the number to be whatever it is out of 69 or 70 (after this comment) on the right colun that currently states 1/69 Jan 1 when viewing the original post. We might do more giveaways later if more posts accumiliate. If the winner ends up being one of my posts then I’ll do something with it myself. For all these prizes, we’ll need you to have a VirMach account on file for the address. No giving it to someone else if you don’t want it but we can try donating it to a local salvation army and show you the receipt. We’ll send it to any location you reside, and cover the shipping and send it as a gift in case you’re wondering for customs. Any questions, let me know.

This post number gets a random SSD we don’t end up using. Could be about 1-2TB, QLC or TLC M.2 NVMe or SATA SSD:

This post number gets a random 1U server, might be complete, might not be, basically the only thing we’re guaranteeing is the chassis. We can ship it or colocated it with us for an arranged price should it end up being a functional server:

This person gets one of our cardboard flash drive sets. It’s a set of 4x 16GB flash drives, we use it for legal requests so it has some government agency logos on it and one of them has a VirMach logo on it:

This person gets a random old hard drive we probably got when buying an old/used chassis that we don’t really want and that you probably don’t want either:

If this person is over the age of 21 and I can make sure it’s legal to ship it out, were clearing out the office bar so whatever’s sealed, maybe Kraken rum or some semi-fancy bottle of wine:
1 (I guess the gods want to make sure I remain an alcoholic.)

Slightly used keyboard. It’ll either be this really cool $90 low-profile mechanical one that has the “asd” row offset slightly incorrectly or a not as cool $50 maybe low-profile mechanical one that has annoying keycaps:
1 (at this point I must stress, not making this up, it was actually 1 twice in a row)

Bone-inducting headphones that are pretty cool. Either slightly used or new, depends on which color the new one is as we’re keeping the blue ones:

The I’m making something up because I feel bad I won at least two of the prizes… uhh, let’s do an ultrawide monitor since everyone quit/left and we have too many monitors. May or may not come with mount or stand:

And then this guy gets one of the following items that we have left over after making our first batch of Ryzen builds, since I’m bad at math/organization and there’s bound to be an extra – 2TB NVMe, 16GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM, Ryzen 3950X, NVMe RAID card, ASRock chassis X470 and/or motherboard:

Oh and I just remembered, we have this RAID card that has 4x M.2 slots that we can’t use because AMD won’t release the drivers for it on Linux/X470. Should work on Linux+X370 or Windows. May or may not be missing screws:

If you want to collect your prize, before it’s thrown away (where applicable) just message me with your VirMach account e-mail and shipping information or whatever other relavent information.


Unless I’m wrong, in which case I apologize for making you feel excited then sad… these are the people that won something, maybe.

@FAT32 you won a prize for rolling 11.

@Mason you won a prize for rolling 9.

@imok you won a prize for rolling 41.

@pepa65 you won a prize for rolling a 36.

@VirMach won two prizes for rolling a 1.

@tridinebandim won a prize for rolling a 2.

@wordpress won a prize for rolling a 28.

@Daniel won a prize for rolling a 65.

@Ganonk won a prize for rolling a 66.

Private message me your VirMach customer e-mail and your address and any relavent information. If you do not have a VirMach account, let me know.


I’ve got a ticket open (#519163). Feel free to treat it as low pri as the VPS is fine otherwise. Thanks!

Done. Thanks :slight_smile:

Whoa! That’s actually a nice set of giveaway! You lucky one @Daniel for # 65 (I think…depends on what you’ll actually get)! :grin:

Congratulations! I’d love to see photos after receiving your gifts! :gift:

OMG thanks VirMach, that’s a big 2021 surprise / 2020 late Christmas gift for me! I am about to purchase a SSD to replace my old HDD in my day-to-day laptop, this comes at about the right time…

Can I also request some VirMach stickers / souvenirs, if any? :wink:


pm sent.

thanks you, we are waiting :slight_smile:

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Number 65 won big. That Ryzen 3950X, wow! Congratulations, @Daniel.

What? A Virmach flash drive? Awesome!!!

Thank you very much. I will give you an address of a friend living in USA so I can get it in Peru at the middle of the year :grin:

Thank you again.

@VirMach I’ve forwarded this onto Mason privately as he’s unable to access this forum anymore :frowning: He may message you directly through LES to claim his prize :slight_smile:

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Congrats, peeps😁

Look like @Daniel got a nice surprise

I hope it’s the Ryzen! It sounds like it’ll be one of the listed items. My current desktop PC is an Intel i5 6500 which is starting to feel a bit slow, so it’d be a nice upgrade.

I’d love some VirMach stickers too!

Why not??? :open_mouth:

Congrats everyone!

Congratulations everyone :partying_face: Awesome giveaway @VirMach :slight_smile: