Keeping track of rented infrastructure

Hey friends! I’m hoping you have some ideas on this. I’m looking for software (or even a service) to help me keep track of MXroute infrastructure rentals. Server rentals, cost, renewal dates, function, licensing, etc. Obviously a spreadsheet is the baseline here, but I’d like something a bit easier to filter and alert with.

I have no idea if anything exists that would serve this function, but maybe if it does one of you know about it.

Honestly a spreadsheet would work pretty well.

If you want to be super fancy with it you could do some stuff like this: Apps Script  |  Google Developers

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I’m starting to feel I’m a shill… but oh well… but here I am again recommending ERPnext.
You can manage company assets (including depreciation).

To manage a renewal.

  • Create suplier
  • Create a supplier invoice
  • Set it up as being an auto renewal
  • Set it to create the invoice and email you about it. You can also set it to auto submit or wait for you to confirm first. The later being handy if the invoice is subject to change (ie. Hetzner, where you one month can have 4 instances and the next 5 in the same invoice)

Note: self host is free and includes all the features of the commercial version

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Managing 3-4 servers is fine but keeping track of +50 servers via Excel is a pain in the ass.

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Kujoe did some web app where you could keep track of servers, virtual or hardware.

Might be enough?


Interesting, at work now so I wish the demo site would resolve. Might throw this on a server later, unfortunately working in termius on my phone is a pain in the ass!

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Know that termius feeling all to well :expressionless:

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