[Poll] Which Domain Registrar(s) Are You Using?

yar, ahoy there matey! Perhaps we be transferring that to NameSilo or Porkbun anyway sooner or later, so I don’t mind to pay that transfer so as to lighten yer cognitive load har har :slight_smile:

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Most of my domains are current at Internetbs and some at porkbun in the past had a few domain at OVH the pricing was ok but the panel was so buggy to the point where one of my domains I couldn’t even change the nameserver and took nearly two weeks for the support to fix it.

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I’ve used Namesilo and namecheap but now i’m using Porkbun =))


If that’s what you want to do I’m happy to pay half for your troubles just let me know :slight_smile:

Zone.ee, NameSilo

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@SmallWeb aha thanks but no worries about that, let’s just keep it simple and get it done … maybe sometime next week lol - I just want to wait a few more days to see what discount NameCheap will be offering for .com transfers from February 11th through 17th (some sale coming up).

More relevant to the general topic of this thread: NameCheap is definitely not my favorite registrar but I do have a few random domains there because sometimes the price is right. They’re not bad just generally not my style I guess - also soured a bit on my initial experience with them ordering and getting charged then refunded for domains that were not actually available for registration.

I generally prefer to use NameSilo (“business”) or Porkbun (“pleasure”). I have also on a few occasions held my nose and run the gauntlet to use OVH (“price”). And when I want to really shake the tree for obscure extensions (and an okay UX) I will hit up DynaDot.


This is my main frustration with NameCheap.

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Mainly namecheap these days.

I used to use domainmonster years ago but they got bought out by 123-reg and went all to shit. They failed to renew a domain I paid for, ignored the ticket long enough I was able to contact the registry for that TLD and get it back directly from them. About 2 days after that I got an apology and refund lol.


Porkbun / NameSilo / DynaDot / OVH / TransIP

I usually go with the cheapest. I do stay away from GoDaddy and the likes.


Most of my domains are with namesilo since I have few account credits there. I’m thinking of transferring them to Cloudflare or porkbun later.

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Namesilo (all .com’s) and Porkbun (other tld’s).

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Why do you prefer Namesilo to register your .com domain?

A lot of registrars are like this… I think they’re not legally required to approve transfers before 5 days pass, so they try to stretch things out as long as possible.

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Depends on which TLD. Here’s part of one of my domain management spreadsheets, although the prices are likely quite outdated now.
(a Hexonet sales rep was trying to convince me to move to Hexonet, so I created a spreadsheet to show them that almost all TLDs were cheaper at other registrars I use :stuck_out_tongue: )

TLD Registrar Count Price (USD)
ax ISTanCo 1 $32.43
biz NameSilo 1 $13.19
com Dynadot 1 $8.99
com NameSilo 1 $8.89
com Porkbun 15 $8.56
com.au VentraIP 1 $10.17
cx Porkbun 1 $16.76
do midominio.do 1 $39.15
es NameCheap 1 $11.98
es Rebel 2 $9.19
family Porkbun 1 $16.95
fyi Porkbun 1 $14.88
horse Porkbun 1 $22.19
id Porkbun 1 $19.34
id.au VentraIP 1 $10.17
ls Zeecom 1 $90.79
me Porkbun 4 $12.48
mk MKHost 1 $12.81
name Dynadot 1 $8.50
net Porkbun 6 $10.54
net.au VentraIP 1 $10.17
org Porkbun 1 $10.70
pm Internet.bs 1 $7.19
ro rotld 1 $15.86
sb Hexonet 1 $48.63
systems Porkbun 1 $14.89
tg Netmaster 1
vc Hexonet 1 $27.20
wedding Porkbun 1 $22.09
ws Name .com 1 $19.99
ws NameSilo 1 $20.99
xyz Epik 1

Total counts:

Registrar Count
Porkbun 33
VentraIP 3
NameSilo 3
Rebel 2
Dynadot 2
Hexonet 2
NameCheap 1
Epik 1
Name .com 1
Rotld 1
Internet.bs 1
MKHost 1
midominio.do 1
ISTanCo 1
Netmaster 1
Zeecom 1

Ahhh yes, the good ol’, “let’s drag process this out as long as possible to remind them why they’re leaving this steaming pile in the first place.” Very bold strategy :slight_smile:


I’m transferring out a domain from internetbs to namesilo right now and I’m currently enjoying this “praxis”

I only find mildly irritating that internetbs, as opposed to, say, namecheap, sends out an explicit link to deny the transfer; if you accidentally click on it you’ll have to start over. The proposed link sent to the domain owner once transfer has been initiated is very conveniently using the domain name “transfer-approval.biz” (…); if you’re transferring for someone else, you better give an heads up not to click anything

Seems I’m one of the very few who sees something positive in delaying the transfer out: to give us ample time to act on a theft. Granted, the best choice would be to allow defining this behaviour through account-level settings, and delay the changes to this policy at least the amount of time already set in the account (so if we have 3 days set, any modification would take place after 3 days - maybe only for those changes lowering the time limit).

However there’s also been quite a few times this has happened to me and it’s an inconvenience when you’re in a hurry.

We’re assuming here that an attacker can have knowledge of at least the Authinfo/ EPP/AuthCode and that the domain isn’t locked. It makes sense for the losing registrar to send a mail to the domain holder in order to ask them if they’re cool with the transfer. The same domain holder may approve the transfer and expedite the process; or deny it and halt it. It’s not convenient to expose a link like “transfer-approval.biz” as a way to immediately halt the transfer as soon as the URL is clicked/contacted.
The way the account/domain holder is contacted and the availability of an option to expedite the process could be more uniform across the different registrars, at least for domains patrolled by ICANN.

That’s not too different than setting a pre-defined delay in your account settings, except that at least the domain holder has been contacted via mail if a transfer is requested

TL;DR I’m not saying “let’s ditch the delay altogether”; I’m rather saying that it would be convenient to always grant the domain holder a clear way to expedite the process


Using Porkbun and Internet.bs mostly, except for some rare ccTLD.

Will probably leave Internet.bs for Domeneshop in the future.


I use Amazon AWS Registrar and Subreg as well