Streaming Music Servers

Refresh All Metadata option, you mean?
Description says:

Forces a download of fresh media information from the internet. This can take a long time. Any locked fields are not modified.

… And I don’t want it do download fresh info from the internet, I want it to trust my tags … :sweat_smile:

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Ah for sure :stuck_out_tongue: Probably worth just deleting the library and re-scanning.

Probably will do … (It just took 36 hours or something to scan.) :laughing:

Huh, testing Plex, using the web player (in Firefox), playing songs, it stops after each song in the play queue, instead of playing the next track … :man_shrugging: :thinking:
Maybe it’s logical, as I would normally not like it to autoplay next TV episode/movie … But songs … I’d love it to keep playing … :wink:
… Hm, seems it’s in Firefox only. Probably my efforts to kill autoplay videos that killed Plex’s autoplaying functionality … :smiley:

Hmm, yeah it should autoplay regardless of your browser :stuck_out_tongue: Works fine for me with Firefox.

Just removed and re-added Library with these option to use/trust metadata, still it adds lots of crap unwanted genres and stuff that’s not in my metadata/ID tags … :man_shrugging: :slightly_frowning_face:

Now I got Plex behaving, I think. Removed and re-added Library, and under Advanced, there’s a separate/additional dropdown for Genre, where I set it to only use Embedded Tags. If I left it at Embedded Tags instead of Plex Music this time. (Still scanning.) Somehow selecting Prefer local metadata is not enough, I also have to select this one … :slight_smile:

So now I have two good options running, AirSonic and Plex.
Plex mediaserver seems to use less resources, though. Running it on a 512 MB RAM KVM with just HDD and no killer CPU. AirSonic runs on a Ryzen VPS with 1 GB RAM and Docker. Seems Java and such uses resources …
Being able to use Clementine to play is a big plus, though. :thinking: :sunglasses:

… I now it’s not the most Apple friendly crowd around here, but any hints as to finding the best subsonic client for iOS/iPadOS? :slight_smile:

How would this gonic compare to AirSonic? Lightweight sounds good. Works with the SubSonic clients I assume? :slight_smile:

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Yep :slight_smile: It’s basically just a third-party rewrite of the Airsonic API. It maintains the same standards, so anything that works with Airsonic should work just fine with Gonic :slight_smile:

Latest status: :nerd_face:
Trying Gonic now. Airsonic works well, but reverse_proxy (caddy) makes it not work well for web player. Gonic seems to be only serving stuff and not offering a fancy web player GUI (which is fine by me).
Plex has trouble with some metadata …

Yeah I specified that Gonic doesn’t provide a web UI, hence why it’s light. There is a separate web UI that you can host, though.

I’d call it a feature. :grin: And so far it used just a fraction of the memory (and CPU) that AirSonic uses :star_struck:


That’s cruel :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you get album art? I seem to only get it on a few albums (of almost 2000) … Maybe it’s still working on that … :thinking: Also having some issue with Playlists in Gonic, not sure if it’s the client or server. (I can add new playlists, but not add to/see it from the add to playlist menu. I could create two playlists with identical name.) :sweat_smile:

Impressive difference in resource usage:

CONTAINER ID        NAME                CPU %               MEM USAGE / LIMIT     MEM %               NET I/O             BLOCK I/O           PIDS
714a185b998e        airsonic           33.46%               301.2MiB / 987.2MiB   30.51%              626B / 0B           239MB / 22.1MB      35
12323055e82c        gonic_gonic_1       0.53%               18.99MiB / 987.2MiB   1.92%               155kB / 2.8MB       19.5MB / 156kB      15

Wonder if I actually prefer Plex/PlexAmp, though play:Sub app (iOS/iPadOS) seems nice. And Clementine can utilize SubSonic, so maybe I’ll keep both.
:innocent: :notes:

PlexAmp is prem… never look back to other player…

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The app play:Sub for Apple devices actually looks nice, has a few features I’d love to see in PlexAmp, and it’s able to manage playlists. Well, with Airsonic this works, but not with Gonic (has issues with playlists and album art, and Gonic has other issues with another client, like seeing lots of albums, but no songs in each album) … :sweat_smile:

I do agree! :slight_smile: But one thing in Plex and PlexAmp: When playing a Playlist, how can I turn on/off looping? (Looping entire list and/or current track.) And shuffling, can it be enabled when a playlist is playing, or just when selecting to play the list? (Then it shuffles/randomizes it into the queue.)

Do you mean playing artist/album default list? You could create your own playlist and shuffle the song inside it.

Uhm, not so sure I understand your question…
I’m talking about in PlexAmp when I have created my own playlists. When I play one of these list, I either have to click regular play or the shuffle icon, and it sort of pre-shuffles it into the play queue.

In most other audio players, I can start to play a list, then while it’s playing, I can select shuffle (and/or loop), like in play:Sub:

In other words: I can turn on/off shuffle while it’s playing the list.
In Plex it seems shuffling has to happen while I hit play, not while it’s playing.
And I haven’t found any loop option.
(I also like the fact that it shows me genre for the song being played.)

Ah, Yes I understand now, currently there is not button for suffle/continue playlist when playing a song. I hope PlexAmp dev could add this basic feature…

But, PlexAmp also could list any song that have similarities/related to current song if you swipe up the screen (similar to spotify feature)

Yes, PlexAmp has other cool features, like that one … (It misses badly often with some of my songs, though, suggests related songs that really doesn’t fit/match. I guess I have quite a few rare/weird songs in my library, which is why I never really considered Spotify. Google Play Music was great, as I uploaded my entire Library. YouTube Music lacks basic stuff like navigate by genre.)

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Yep, I love those old style player. One of my previous music player I used is PowerAmp, unfortunately it did not support music streaming. So since 2018 it was left behind with cloud music player, except for somebody that still copying the music on their smartphone…