What are you doing right now? - Personal Projects Showcase


likewise SwiftUI. Good golly is the a) fun, b) buggy as all heck!

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I think she is also pretty popular on Udemy. I’ve only taken Colt’s course though. And Brad Hussey :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit this is tempting though:

Ironically, Colt’s first episode was also about his dog iirc.Or cat?! :smiley:


You got that right! The workarounds I had to perform to make a non-disposable overlay… But, even in it’s current state, SwiftUI is much better than UIView.

Yeah I’d concur. What I remember of UIView (mostly what the refresh is about because I remember little of it atm), SwiftUI is just pleasant in comparison.

I’m just tired of filing bugs and not seeing fixes :slight_smile: Ah well, maybe in June with SwiftUI 2.0 grin

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chuckles yeah I like her sense of humour and a fairly soothing voice.

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Locally a cousin of mine is doing this to help MD, nurses and so on.

From both sides ( parents) cousins doing them.


I do mostly IT related projects right now, as there is still snow outside…
+I try to get active over here and make some posts rather than just passing by :smiley:

I once again revived my Anycast Network, trying to fix the DNS AXFR Zone Transfers and pushing configurations to all nodes :slight_smile:

@Solaire How does the VLAN routing on the Edge Router X work for you? I once got one of those but it seemed to me that you can’t change or add another switch / DMZ ?


You should be able to add another switch just fine. I have 2 NETGEAR GS108E switches underway to do exactly that.

It is (in my opinion) poorly documented to achieve what I wanted to do, switch my already existing /24 that is managed by my ISP’s router and route multiple new (tagged) networks. But it is definitely possible, it masquerades the VLANs to my existing /24 perfectly fine.

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i had the idea to do that too but i think i am too shy to go in a random hospital and say helloooo here are some free masks :joy:

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Send them by mail :slight_smile:

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Good suggestion or we’ll a bit more obvious if you know someone in health care they can take it themselves.

Time for an update on my projects! What I’ve been up to:

1. Finalizing the network at our new place

1.1 Wired set-up

3 different networks (Guest, Domotics, LAN) that run through an EdgeRouter X and multiple NETGEAR GS108Ev3 switches, all wired with CAT6. The EdgeRouter X switches the LAN traffic and routes the Guest and Domotics networks (can’t put my ISP’s router in bridge mode unfortunately, hence the need for switching the LAN network). LAN traffic goes through a local DNS (PiHole) which performs DNS over HTTPS lookups to Cloudflare DNS, all other networks go straight to

1.2 Wireless set-up

3 Unifi AccessPoints (first floor, second floor and garden) heavily contributing to the 2.4 Ghz spectrum poisoning but providing rock steady 5 Ghz WiFi connections all over the place. There’s only a few spots that have wireless connectivity below 200 Mbps. 2.4 Ghz is only used by IoT devices and a 1st generation Chromecast. 3 SSID’s for the different networks.

2. Creating a pirate Docker network

All of my pirate stuff (Sonarr, Radarr, NZBHydra, SABnzbd, Transmission, etc) now strictly runs over separate VPN tunnels to reduce the chances of leaking my IP address to certain authorities.

3. Building a backup PleX server

This is something I’m still working on but I’m setting up a VPS with unlimited Google Drive storage as a backup PleX server. I’m curious to see how far I can push that Google Drive.


I am missing Tixati in your setup :wink:

Has integrated encrypted chatrooms that allow streaming audio and video, link sharing and searching.

Not headless, it appears

It’s in the works…

I can’t say I would be inclined to switch from qBittorrent or Deluge.

I’ve been running Transmission for years and it never let me down. I torrent less than twice a year as I get 99.999% of my content from usenet so I don’t honestly care much about torrents in general.

That said, I once wrote my own software to ‘stream’ torrents. It’d grab movie releases from an API and then search thepiratebay for a decent torrent and stream that torrent from a remote server over HTTPS to a browser. But PleX is just much better and convenient. Was a good experience learning though.


Good to hear an update from your setup! Since I assume you are running own VPN servers (just because you seem to be the self-hosted kinda person), why would you not use a VPN service for your pirate stuff? Surely there is that level of trust that needs to be established but Id reckon there are some VPN providers out there worth mentioning and even most “not so serious” looking ones usually at least manage to keep dmca away. With a VPN Service you’d share the same IP with lots of others. That’s why I always wonder why people pirating still prefer their own VPN with an IP directly linked to them (as the sole user). Maybe I’m just not getting it though, no idea.

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I completely understand your opinion and I do agree to a certain extend.

For me, there’s multiple levels of VPN services. There’s the actual VPN service that allows secure access to certain resources (e.g. accessing certain documents and services at my place that I do not expose to the internet directly) and there’s the VPN service that has the intention to hide my actual IP address. This first type of VPN service is definitely something I self-host.

For hiding my IP address I could go with a VPN service like PIA or ProtonVPN like you said. While that makes me more anonymous to website owners and analytics, if agencies were to start tracking P2P downloads that are performed via VPN, these services are the first they reach out to because there’s so many people using them. There’s many VPN services that turned out to work together with intelligence agencies, even some of the better ones that claimed to not keep any logs.

Personally I route my torrent traffic through HostSolutions and all other traffic (SABnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr) through BuyVM. I put more trust in Francisco than a VPN provider and should any agency ever start complaining about my torrents they better speak Romanian or else nothing is going to happen. And even if they do speak Romanian not much would happen either since the law in Romania is different from the law here.

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Thanks for explaining, that’s a fair point. Just to make sure though, I, too was only referring to VPN usage in the case of obfuscating your own IP for the sake of torrenting or whatever. If we are talking about a VPN to access home network content or whatever I’d go self-hosted, too I guess (although Windscribe port forwarding for Plex is tempting).

I can’t say that I know for sure whether certain VPN providers do or do not cooperate with dmca agencies but I always felt kinda safe using a VPN provider who is sitting outside 14 eyes jurisdiction and choose a location like Switzerland/Romania/Spain for that kinda stuff. I doubt they’d care much about automated dmca messages (which are a thing here in Germany, unfortunately) to IPs from public trackers or otherwhise tracked IPs. I always felt kinda better knowing that I shared the IP with more people but I can see the benefits of your decision, too. Perhaps you are even better off than me at this point, I can’t tell. Although, I basically haven’t used my VPN providers for this kinda stuff since a couple of years as I decided to not self-host an every growing (over time getting also more expensive) “online” Plex-Server but instead renew my Netflix/Prime sub (of which Netflix bill is shared with 2 ppl). I know there are series disappearing ever so often but for me that’s kinda ok. I watch it when it’s there. I take legal private copies with Audials from Movies (and the favourite series) and host them on a local Plex Server running on my RPi3 (nothing big, no recurring dedi fee). These days I only use VPN for unblocking Flix/Crunchyroll content and maybe some other content which I already pay for legally to use (so to speak I use the VPNs to make full use of the content I legally aquired/paid for if that makes sense).

I do think both, Fran and Cociu are running a tight ship and romanian laws are definitely attractive in that regard :slight_smile: How are dmca laws in Luxembourg anyway @Francisco ? And to which jurisdiction does BuyVM belong to, actually? I never thought about that haha. With Cociu it’s both RO so…

Cociu is even over reddit for this lol :smiley:

on another note, who is Maounique?

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