What's You Server Naming Scheme/Convention?

True, though most of the ones that I’m not currently using were ones I would never remember the names of or are names of past servers that I let expire (I tend not to reuse names).

Leia, Uhura, Picard, Tron, HarleyQ, Arthur, Lance, Neo, Trinity, Trillian, Ripley, Gizmo, Flotsam, Jetson, Pikachu, ONeil, Archer and on and on :joy:

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For the boring answer we go very simple. 29930
2(Location) 99(Rack) 30 (U position in a 48U Cabinet). Granted for CatalystHost, there is definitely a TaylorSwift node.


Generally country, sometimes role.

At home usually just what the device is (WinPC/MacPC, MacBookPro, Retropie, AppleTV, AirportExtremeStudy, iPad4-64GB, iPad Air 2 128GB, Rob’s iPhone, Bob’s iPhone), I occasionally use names but it ends up just feeling silly (the MacBookPro was Han-Solo for a time, my iPad & iPhone are currently Fizban and Zifnab respectively)


That explains a lot, and its actually an organized way to label the servers and know its exact location.

Old girlfriends or Tolken characters or place names from his works.

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I used to (try to) follow this. It got to be more work than it was worth with my fairly quick turnover for shitty-is-shitty-does hosts. I posted it on LET about a year and change ago.

Now, it’s all just <service type><number>.<location*>.domain.tld.

* Location: 2 letters for country; 3-4 for localization. E.G. de: Germany, del, Delaware.

Yeah I probably should have spent a bit more time on that.


I follow this:


Basically, I combine the country code with the city code (separated by a hyphen).

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Well, when I need names I get these from Youtube or Pornhub.


usually some form of mix of provider + location + usage/app

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Thanks for the NamingSchemes.com

I use Hindu God/Goddesses names as hostname & for display purpose I have it as GODNAME (XY 1)

XY = Location


I used to use names of meats. From generic to specific; pork, pepperoni, pork chop, and so on. It worked for years until I went a bit overboard on BF/CM 2018. I checked namingschemes.com and went with Space things for everything not local. Rockets/satellites/manned missions/shuttles/unmanned. For home I have stuck with the meats lineup.

My favorite and longest running naming scheme for my hardware is my hard drives. They have all had male names starting with H and they get retired when they die/get retired. Never use the same name twice. I’ve had to start checking the baby name lists online.


I used to use periodic table elements but those got confusing, so now I just name my servers by the nearest airport’s IATA code:


For a Proxmox node in Nürnberg, it would be:



I don’t really have a specific naming convention. My company servers all have fictional locations as names, but they all start with a different letter from the alphabet. Servers that aren’t public facing are just given service names (git or nginx for example). Our main public server is Arkham, another one of our servers is called Skarra.

I doubt it’ll happen due to how we structure our servers, but should we exhaust the alphabet, I’ll have to think of something else.

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Some friends and I used to have a dedicated server named “springfield”, and then all the VMs/containers on it were named after Simpsons characters. I thought that was pretty clever.

These days I’m boring and just use vps01, vps02, etc. That gets confusing when I get rid of servers though… Right now I only have vps03, vps07, vps08 and vps10 :stuck_out_tongue:


IPv6 is really nice, particularly on servers that only have one IPv4 addresses. My home ISP (Comcast), phone provider (AT&T) and employer all have native IPv6, so I have several IPv6-only LXC containers on my KVM VPSes. It’s nice being able to hit all the containers directly, and not having to mess with NAT or iptables forwarding rules :slight_smile:

I do have a few VPSes without native IPv6 (thanks, VirMach and ColoCrossing), so I have HE Tunnelbroker tunnels on those.

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Car models or car prototype names usually. Depends on what/who it’s for though, sometimes just a simple --<prod/dev> format works fine.


There’s only so damn many shitboxes one can own, tho…

What’s even worse is when you have similarly named ones, or have reused them. You know you fucked up when you need to edit motd to tell you which machine you’re actually on.

if you really got no idea what to choose, try one of these


any hacker will be insulted before he even started hacking